Useful ideas

Wall design ideas to dramatically transform any room

After all the hardest is over and the repair is over a long time ago, there is only one thing left to do: to decorate. Decorating an apartment will not only lift your spirits, but will also help to create that incredible atmosphere of comfort and warmth that will delight every day. You can start with a simple one: vases, figurines, paintings, photographs, plants and other cute knick-knacks.

But in the modern world of great opportunities, designers advise to start with the design of the walls, making them a key focus. In this case, all methods are good from the proposed ideas and products on the market to the realization of their own fantasies with the help of available tools.

1. Echoes of the past

The decor in this style will look good hallway.

Muffled tones and shades are ideal for a living room or recreation area.

2. Woody notes

To decorate the wall is ideal massive decoration in the form of a tree. This element of the decor will ideally look in the room in a minimalist style.

The imitation of the log wall will give the interior a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Such an idea will look great in the living room and in the recreation area.

3. A bit of romance

This decor option is ideal for the kitchen, dining room or living room.

Drawing in the form of a dandelion will give lightness and tenderness, giving a romantic touch.

4. Flower motifs

Bright floral motifs will be a wonderful decoration of the walls in the living room.

Delicate orchids will give you an incredible feeling of freshness. Bright volumetric pattern perfectly harmonizes in a room with dark furniture.

5. Posters

Posters without frames. A more relaxed design option, also suitable for creating a so-called "board".

Different formats and forms of frames allow you to create a feeling of ease, as if the postors appeared on the wall year after year, gradually filling all of its space.

6. Inscriptions

The inscriptions on the wall will look no less creative.

It should also be remembered that the inscription is suitable, as well as the classic version of light walls, and color.

7. Paintings

Symmetry is certainly a pleasant state of the human eye, but monotony is not.

The frames of the pictures should not be exactly the same, but something should nevertheless unite them - color, size, shape, materials.

8. Bold decision

This idea with a bicycle on the wall will appeal to those who want to be the center of attention.

Do not forget about massive decorations. They perfectly complement the interior, giving it a special charm.

9. Drawing on the wall

The drawing on the wall, made in gentle tones, will ideally emphasize the situation prevailing around.

It is also worth remembering that such drawings would be appropriate in any room from the bedroom to the kitchen.

10. Wall clock

If there is a desire to place a large clock in a small room, you need to remember that they must be allocated a place in which they will look very organic.

Beautiful wall clock for the living room is a find for everyone who is used to controlling the passage of time.