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10 tricks for a very small apartment, peeped from the inhabitants of Paris

The population of the Earth is getting bigger, and houses and apartments are getting smaller. It seems that with such a trend soon even Hollywood millionaires will have to abandon the luxurious mansions in favor of something more modest. But a small apartment can be cozy and perfectly comfortable. That prove the miniature, but very "tasty" apartments of stylish Parisians. There is something to take note.

Still think that the French live in luxury apartments with huge ceilings, like the young heroes of the "Dreamers" Bernardo Bertolucci? In fact, most modern Parisians huddle in tiny "semi-studios", rarely exceeding the limit of 35 square meters. But they also manage to turn one or two rooms into a cozy and damn stylish space. Not without the help of these little tricks.

1. Bright accents are required.

The balance of bright details and a neutral background is a new French classic.

Parisians are not afraid to fill the apartment with bright, juicy details: colorful posters, sofa cushions, vases and knickknacks. And the more different colors, the better - it creates coziness and even makes the space seem larger. But so that the apartment does not resemble a tent, the main rule remains inviolable: the base (large furniture, walls, flooring) must remain a neutral shade. For example, gray.

2. Do not be afraid of boxes

Small apartment boxes are needed. But not boring.

Boxing and organizing will allow you to put things in order and fit many things into a small apartment. How to choose? Choose the ones that look better on the open shelves.

3. Do not give up plants

What a cozy home without indoor plants?

They create a cozy and special atmosphere in the house. But instead of loading window sills, use hanging pots and mini flower beds. And the place is saved, and the walls do not seem so naked.

4. A small table on wheels - a great solution for a tiny kitchen

Ideal table for a small kitchen.

It can be used for cutting vegetables and cooking, as a dining table, and if guests come, roll it out into the middle of the room and turn it into a bar counter. And the French are very fond of parties.

5. A bit of luxury won't hurt even the smallest bathroom.

It's all about the legs.

And to make it simple - to order carved legs for a classical bath. Do you feel like a bohemian chic immediately?

6.All "ladies stuff" in one place

All on the shelves.

And hidden from prying eyes. For example, the modest capabilities of a small cabinet under the sink can be significantly expanded with a pair of hooks and metal baskets.

7.Shelves above the bed

Undervalued storage facility.

Why lose precious meters? So the French believe that it is not why. And with a clear conscience, hang shelves in several rows directly above the headboard. A simple trick, and storage space increases very significantly.

8. You can safely refuse from the cabinet

Hanger will replace the closet and save space.

It is replaced by hanging cornices for hangers and similar storage systems. They can be placed where your heart desires, and at the same time do not clutter the space with a large wooden box.

9. And what to do with shoes?

Functional decor.

No Parisian will refuse to indulge in luxury with new shoes at least 5 times a year. And to the arguments of her husband on the topic "and where will we keep it all?" they did not act, vertical shelves, special shoe organizers, and even ordinary step-ladders are used. What is not decor?

10. Cabinet in every home

Small office in the corner of the apartment.

Even in the smallest. After all, many French at home not only rest, but also work. Often, a mini-office is set up in a corner, fencing it with a small table right next to the sofa. It does not take much space, but sometimes you can even pry into the TV.