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25 culinary life hacking, which will be useful to all

The kitchen is the place where we spend a considerable part of our time cooking on it and eating the fruits of our culinary creativity. It often happens that, due to our own ignorance, we carelessly spoil the products, or simply have no idea that coffee can be made even more tasty if you add a pinch of salt to it, and you don’t need to grease the cheese with butter.

Next you will find a collection of useful culinary tips that you want to bring to life right now.

Save the salted soup

Oversold the soup? Do not rush to throw away the dish. You can try to save him. There are several effective ways that will help remove excess salt. However, the most effective - dip gauze with cereal in it and boil it. Porridge will help eliminate salty taste.

Give a spicy touch of vegetable salads

The chefs know a great and unscarred way to make a delicious and especially savory vegetable salad. Just add a small amount of vanilla. This is a great spice that blends perfectly with any vegetables.

Add salt to coffee

Some people simply do not imagine the morning without a cup of aromatic and invigorating coffee. How to make this drink even tastier? Just add a pinch of salt to the ground coffee and enjoy an incredibly tasty drink.

Cook white rice

Want to cook crisp white rice like in the picture? It is not so difficult. Famous chefs add a small amount of vinegar during cooking. It helps to achieve the most appetizing and tasty edible results.

Marinate in beer

Summer is the perfect time for lunch and dinner in nature. The most popular dish deservedly remains the meat kebab, grilled or with a charcoal grill. Try a new original taste: mix light beer with soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste or use dark beer.

Use garlic

Garlic is an excellent antiviral agent and helps keep the immune system in good shape. This ingredient is able to give any dish an interesting taste and make it play in a new way. Grate a plate of garlic with a clove of garlic, and then lay a salad or side dish on it.

Salt the liver in the final

Liver should definitely be included in the diet. This dish will help strengthen the immune system and provide the body with the amount of iron that is necessary for its normal functioning. To make the liver soft, salt it at the end.

Make broth easier

Not everyone likes rich, thick broths. Is it really necessary in this case to completely abandon the hot? Not at all. Add a piece of ice to the broth, and then bring to a boil. The broth will turn out more transparent, easy and appetizing.

Make delicious pies

Mastering the technique of making delicious cakes from the cover of a culinary magazine is not so easy. But do not despair: try and experiment. For example, to prevent the top of the cake from burning while baking, cover it with paper moistened with water.

Cook the beans correctly

Beans are classified as legumes. They improve the work of the digestive system, strengthen the immune system, normalize the metabolic processes in the body and are an important source of B vitamins. Do not cover the pan with a lid while cooking the beans. So it will not darken.

Use fragrant mince

Cook the stuffing at home. This is the only way to make it very high quality, and the dish you are cooking is amazingly tasty. To make the mince more fragrant, healthier and tastier, add a portion of raw and a part of toasted onions, as well as finely grated raw potatoes.

Cut eggs carefully.

Do you dream that a hard-boiled egg does not crumble? Before cutting it in half, moisten the blade with cold water. So the yolk will not crumble.

Slice eggplant

Tasty and healthy eggplant has the property of bitter. However, this trouble can be easily avoided. Before cooking, cut it into slices, salt and leave for a while, so that he put the juice. After that, wash the eggplant in cold water. Only then you can start cooking.

Beat sour cream with egg white.

If you need to whip cream of sour cream to make any tasty dessert, then add egg white to it. So you get a really lush, light and airy mixture.

Cook meat with a crust

Are not indifferent to meat with crispy brown crust? This can be prepared not only in the restaurant, but also at home. Use the advice of experienced chefs: before you put the dish in the oven, brush it on top with a delicious and, most importantly, successful marinade. It can be pomegranate juice and honey, diluted dry wine, brandy or water.

Look for an alternative to bread crumbs

If the list of ingredients for your dish includes breadcrumbs, then do not rush to crush the crackers or get ready from the locker. Try replacing breadcrumbs with ground nuts. It is both healthier and tastier.

Let the meat reveal your taste

Cooked meat? Do not rush to immediately serve it to the table. Wise culinary experience chef first give the meat a little cool and reveal its exquisite taste.

Do not neglect lemon juice

Lemon juice is a very healthy, savory and tasty dressing that can decorate almost any dish. Especially good lemon sounds with vegetables and fish. Citrus can even replace salt, because it charges the food with such juicy taste and aroma that it is simply not required.

Diversify vinaigrette

Vinaigrette is a very healthy and tasty salad. This is a great option for a light lunch or a hearty snack. Try to move away from the usual classic recipe for vinaigrette and slightly diversify it. It is very easy to make: add a tablespoon of milk, a teaspoon of sugar and mix thoroughly.

Do not digest meat

And what if you digest it all the same? No, do not suppress gritting his teeth. Chefs know how to reanimate a good piece of meat and return him juiciness. It should be cut into thin slices and put on a plate. Then sprinkle with onions and tomatoes and add a little vegetable oil, lemon juice and vinegar. Wait a little and the meat will soon become juicy again.

Add fresh vegetable juice to the soup

Do not rush to remove the soup from the fire. In the final stages of cooking, add fresh vegetable juice to the first course. This will help enhance the flavor and enrich your dish with vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. For this purpose, perfect cabbage, carrot or tomato juice.

Cook a delicious charlotte

Apple pie is a great dessert for tea. Pamper your home and cook a truly delicious charlotte. To prevent apples from sinking to the bottom of the mold, roll them in flour before cooking.

Squeeze more lemon juice

How to squeeze out all the juices from a lemon? It is necessary to roll the lemon over the table for some time. Only then can you safely cut or crush the fruit.

Grease the cheese with butter

Cut off a small piece of cheese, and send the rest back to the fridge? To prevent the cheese from dying off the cut side, grease it with a small amount of butter.

Boil the almonds

Regularly tormented with peeling almonds from the skin? Down with the inconvenience! Boil the almonds for 5 minutes and then cool in cold water. Peel should go in two ticks.