Useful ideas

Actual ideas of the design of the apartment from A to Z in the spirit of the latest design trends

On the eve of each coming year, we hope that it will bring positive changes in all spheres of life.

Interior designers also tried and presented fashion trends in home decor in 2018.

1. Calm bathroom

Bathroom in soothing colors.

Exceptional bathroom interior with large light gray tiles on the walls, which has become the perfect backdrop for light wood details. The combination of cold ceramics and warm natural wood made it possible to create a neat and stylish bathroom interior.

2. Bright bedroom

Cozy bedroom in bright colors.

A charming bedroom in a classic style, with light wallpaper, decorated with unobtrusive golden patterns, with a large metal bed, two bedside tables and vintage carpet, which creates an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

3. Luxury apartments

Luxurious bedroom in a modern style.

Magnificent bedroom, decorated with expensive and tasteful. The interior is predominantly decorated in light shades, against which an accent wall, an unusual writing desk and noble gray textiles stand out effectively.

4. Accent wall

Bathroom with an unusual accent wall.

The bathroom, a feature of which was an accent wall lined with small tiles, stylized as natural wood.

5. Contrast fragment

Kitchen with contrasting wallpaper in the corner.

The bright kitchen, the highlight of which were dark wallpaper with an active floral print, decorating the dining area in the corner.

6. Coal Black

Living room in coal black shade.

Luxurious living room, whose walls are painted in an interesting coal-black shade, the main color of the year according to the company PPG. A soft deep blue sofa and an indigo shade chair complement this relaxed, private atmosphere.

7. Game of colors

Spacious kitchen gray-yellow tones.

A delightful spacious kitchen with a dark gray finish and an abundance of catchy details of rich yellow and white. Such an interior energizes and inspires culinary accomplishments.

8. Noble brown

Cabinet with brown walls.

An elegant workspace with perfectly smooth walls painted in a clean brown shade, which, combined with a gray floor, a writing desk made of natural stone and well-chosen decor items, allowed to create ideal conditions for concentrated work.

9. Natural materials

Living room with a creative accent wall.

Living room in neutral colors with a comfortable corner sofa gray, located against the wall, decorated with many small tiles of natural wood.

10. Yellow gray tandem

Dining area in yellow-gray tones.

The combination of yellow and gray is more popular than ever in the coming year. The dining area, decorated in such colors, looks very elegant and homely.

11. Patchwork

Living room with tiles on the walls.

Patchwork style does not lose its popularity in the coming year, and ceramic tiles gradually go beyond the boundaries of the kitchen and bathroom. For example, the living room, whose walls are lined with variegated ceramic tiles with active patterns and intricate designs, looks authentic and unique.

12. Faded wallpaper

Bedroom with faded wallpaper on one of the walls.

Elegant bedroom with a minimal set of luxurious furniture, golden lamps and faded wallpaper on the wall at the head of the bed, which became a real star of this interior.

13. Bored gray

Gray-yellow living room.

Dynamic and cheerful interior of the living room, with gray neutral walls, simple furniture and an abundance of details rich yellow shade, which create a mood and add dynamics to this restrained space.

14. fog

Calm bedroom interior.

Fans of soothing shades will surely like the interior of this bedroom, decorated in light gray shades, with a high double bed and weightless curtains on the windows.

15. High temperature

Orange kitchen.

Warm and cheerful interior of the kitchen, with an orange suite, brick wallpaper on the walls, a round table and soft chairs - a great example of the room in which you want to be, get together as a family and spend more time.

16. Precious emerald

White room with emerald chairs.

The snow-white room, the accent center of which was a round table with a golden frame and soft chairs of a noble green color, like precious emeralds.

17. Texture

Textured wallpaper with flowers.

Open dining room, highlighted with textured wallpaper, decorated with a large floral print, which effectively stand out against the white walls.

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18. Harmony with nature

Natural materials in the interior of the bathroom.

The modern bathroom in the interior of which mixed in equal proportions the cold of the tile, stylized as concrete, and the warmth of natural wood.

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