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How to disguise a battery: 5 practical tips and 15 interesting examples

Not all radiators can boast of their beauty or compactness.

But with the right approach, even the most unsightly models can become real masterpieces of interior design.

1. If there are small children in the house

If there are small children in the house

A heating radiator becomes a potentially dangerous object if there are small children in the apartment. In the midst of the heating season, the temperature of the batteries can reach 90 degrees. If you touch a hot radiator, you can get serious burns. It is for this reason that special screens were invented. Such a device prevents direct contact with the battery, has a beautiful design, hides an unattractive radiator and performs a decorative role in the interior.

Radiator screen

Wooden screen on the battery

2. Without dust and odor

Successful disguise

The screen on the battery is not only an attractive element that hides the overall unit. It prevents dust and dirt from entering the radiator, which makes it easier to care for. In addition, the unpleasant smell of burnt dust can also be forgotten.

The screen prevents dust from getting on the hot battery

Neat screen on battery

3. Battery or additional piece of furniture?

Screen in the form of a small console

Some do not just stop on the screen, but make whole pieces of furniture art. With good ingenuity and the presence of carpentry skills, you can make an entire rack or an improvised console instead of a decorative screen. Such options are especially relevant for small spaces, where functional furniture is worth its weight in gold.

A good way to hide the battery

4. Lucky camouflage

To disguise the battery is not necessary to use the screen. Simply select the paint to match the walls and paint the battery with it. The option is more interesting: paint the lower part of the walls in a bold shade, and leave the upper part white. For these purposes, alkyd and acrylic enamels, as well as water-dispersion paints are ideal. When buying you need to carefully read the label. There should be a mark that the coating is intended for painting the radiators.

A spectacular way to mask the radiator

The battery is completely invisible.

Stylish decision

5. Show: a bold and well-justified experiment.

Many tend to hide the battery or disguise it, and in fact the heating radiator can become a real art object, if you select it with color and support it with other pieces of furniture or decor.

Brave design experiment

Decent interior decoration

Neat decor