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18 bloggers shared chips, how to maintain order in the house and get pleasure from it

Most people can not do a serious cleaning in the apartment more than once a week. By this time, alas, the dwelling begins to resemble the realm of chaos.

So that cleaning takes as little time as possible and does not turn into a living hell, we collected for you another batch of life hacking. Use on health!

Store toys by category in different boxes.

To make it easier for the child to maintain order in the nursery and quickly find the necessary toys, sort them into categories and put them in different containers. Do not forget to sign where things are.

Put the toys in the baskets and slide them under the sofa.

A good option for storing toys, materials for creativity will be baskets, boxes that can be pushed under the bed or sofa in the nursery. This will help to maximize the useful use of space.

Boxes on wheels make life easier for the baby

When children want to play and get the right toy, they can easily cope with it themselves, if such lovely and convenient devices are used for storage.

Transparent bags will help the child easier to navigate in toys

If there are few toys, then you can use transparent bags for storage, which will allow the baby to easily understand what he needs to play without turning the top upside down.

Paper holder is great for keeping towels

Not every apartment has enough space to store all the necessary. Take up the idea of ​​storing in paper trays, such as towels. Believe me, this is a great place to save.

Use open side shelves for everyday things.

Surely, many are familiar with the situation when, from time to time, you have to search for some thing for a long time. To avoid this, use wire baskets and store everyday items in them, such as towels or phone chargers.

Highlight a separate closet for baby things

With the birth of the baby in the house a large number of things appear. In order to have everything at hand, it is not at all necessary to overload all free surfaces with them. It is enough to allocate a separate closet for the baby and use its space to the maximum.

Label your food in the freezer

In order not to speculate on what is in the freezer and how long it’s already there, it’s more economical to use the space - it’s convenient to freeze products in separate containers or packages. If you sign their name and date of placement in the chamber, it will make your life doubly easier. Do not believe? See for yourself.

If there are a lot of toys, select a separate closet for them.

A separate cabinet with shelves is an excellent solution when there is a lot of toys in the house. So it will be easier to maintain order and free up a lot of free space.

Use the space in the cabinet under the sink

If you still do not use the space in the cabinet under the sink - try to put there household chemicals. You yourself will be surprised how much space will be released on the surfaces. Be careful if there are small children in the house - use special locks for protection.

Use drawers for nursery with limited space.

If you are at the design stage of a house or are planning a major renovation, an idea with drawers can be a great help in both the nursery and any other room.

Pack designer details by color.

If children have a decent collection of any designer, think, perhaps it is time to sort them by color. Just imagine how comfortable it is and how much free time will appear.

The wall behind the door is perfect for storing ironing boards.

Ironing board is probably one of the most used things in the house. But at the same time, we often do not imagine where it can be positioned so that it does not bother anyone. Look at this option, perhaps this is just what you need.

Use boards with holes and hooks to decorate an art corner.

Children adore creativity, so it is so important that paints, pencils, plasticine are conveniently laid out and are at hand. Agree, with this approach, classes bring much more joy to children and parents.

Keep the hairdryer in the basket attached to the bathroom stand

To spend less time in the morning, attach the basket to the bathroom cabinet. This is a very convenient way to store a hairdryer, curling iron and all that should be at hand at the crucial moment.

Make the bed more functional.

If the design of the bed allows, you can use its frame to build convenient shelves for storing things, such as books.

Use the door to store toys

It seems that in any nursery there is never too much space, because children have so many things. But besides the cabinets, you can use any surface, it is just important to be able to properly beat them. For example, as in this case.

Hide office equipment with cords in the locker

To preserve the aesthetics of a beautiful interior, you can remove office equipment with wires in one of the departments of the cabinet or chest of drawers.

And what idea did you like more? Perhaps you have your own secrets of order? Share with us in the comments!