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How to save on the repair of the kitchen: good examples

How to make the kitchen stylish at the lowest cost?

What can save money, and what style to choose for the interior?

In fact, the techniques that will help to cope with the budget repair in the kitchen are not complicated, and everyone should know about them.

1. Correct style

Small Scandinavian style kitchen

Zatevaya repair in the kitchen, it is necessary to immediately determine the style in which the interior will be decorated. The most concise and practical is the Scandinavian style. First of all, it is ideal for small spaces. Secondly, the furniture and decoration used by Scandinavian designers are extremely practical and multifunctional.

Laconic kitchen design in the Scandinavian style

Usually, these are light painted walls, a plain-colored kitchen apron made of simple tiles, compact storage systems and cozy decor elements (for example, a small rug in ethnic style under your feet or a few indoor plants on the window).

Such styles as Provence, Hi-tech, Art Deco require financial costs and the choice of more expensive furniture, accessories and household appliances. At the same time, the Scandinavian style in this matter is more democratic.

Functional décor in Scandinavian style

2. Plain finish

For budget repair is better to choose a monotonous finish.

For low-cost repairs, monochrome finishing is considered beneficial. Wallpaper and ceramic tiles will need less if they will not be drawing. The most budget type of finish is paint. Whatever material is selected, it is important to prime the walls with a primer. This will prevent the development of fungi and reduce the consumption of paint or wallpaper glue for finishing.

Before painting or pasting wallpaper, the surface should be primed

Stylish bright kitchen

3. Brick wall

Brick wall in the interior of the kitchen

Alignment of the walls - an additional item of expenditure. You can bypass it, exposing the brickwork. True, this is a very dusty process and you need to prepare for it (take all the furniture out of the room, seal the sockets with building tape, put on a respirator and glasses on the face). After exposing the wall, you can leave it the way it is or paint it. Choosing the latter is worth remembering that the paint will have to be updated every five years.

Brickwork as a decoration of the kitchen interior

Stylish and budget kitchen design

4. Linoleum instead of tile

Linoleum prices start at 150 rubles (relative to October 2015) per square meter. At the same time, the cost of the tile for the same square starts at 300 rubles. Based on this, the first option turns out to be more profitable, given that special tile glue, troweling and the work of specialists will be required for tiling. Of course, linoleum is not so durable, but changing it is not difficult and it does not require large expenses.

Parquet linoleum

Linoleum in the interior of the kitchen

Linoleum is more profitable than tiles

5. Save on furniture

You can save on kitchen furniture. An alternative to wall cabinets will be open shelves and rails. If you need lockers, you can make them to order and assemble on your own. It will be cheaper than buying ready-made headset. As well as the restoration of the table and chairs for the dining area, which can be tinted and refreshed without high costs.

Open shelves instead of wall cabinets

Open shelves in the kitchen

Budget alternative to ready-made kitchen sets