Useful ideas

15 original ideas of rational storage, which will help clean up the kitchen

Everyone knows that there is never enough space in the kitchen (especially in our realities).

To cope with countless pots, bowls, you need to properly organize a place to store them.

These 15 ideas for the rational storage of things in the kitchen will help to cope with the disorder and improve your mood.

1. Wooden door with hooks inserted into it

A wooden door with hooks inserted into it will help solve the problem of rational use of the inside of kitchen drawers.

2. Vertical compartments for storing glasses and cups

Vertical compartments for storing glasses and cups are needed in every kitchen.

3. Mounted shelves in the interior

If there is not enough storage space in the finished kitchen furniture, then the classical hinged shelves will help to solve the problem.

4. Box with two sections

Such a box with two sections will allow you to properly distribute the dishes.

5. Suspended modules in the interior

Suspended modules for storage of kitchen utensils in a modern interior.

6. Modular wall salad shade

Bright modular wall that fits perfectly into any kitchen interior.

7. Original floor cabinet

A good and very practical option for the design of the floor cabinet in the kitchen.

8. Open shelving in the kitchen

Open shelves in the kitchen are designed to become part of the interior furniture, or an element of decoration for decorating the kitchen space.

9. Metal hooks

Metal hooks in the kitchen allow you to place on the rails not only individual items of kitchen utensils, but also systems of shelves, containers and holders.

10. Transformer cabinet

To items of different size, lying in the same box, do not mix, it must be divided into several sections.

11. Hanging cabinets

Hanging cabinets are a necessary part of a modern kitchen.

12. Shelves of metal containers

Suspended shelves of metal containers - a rational idea for a small kitchen, where every square centimeter of area is expensive.

13. Rack for wine products

An interesting light rack on which the bottles of wine were placed adorns the kitchen interior.

14. Metal shelves

Metal shelves can be placed on the wall opposite the headset.

15. Cabinet table

A cabinet that is easily transformed into a table can replace half the kitchen.