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Things that give out in the mistress of "Plyushkin" and turn the house into a landfill

Perhaps, in every house there are unobtrusive trifles that no one has been using for a long time, and they don’t reach to throw away their hands.

For example, old DVDs, tapes, magazines. Over the years, they accumulate a lot.

We have compiled a list of 20 unnecessary trifles, from which it is time to get rid of.

1. Sunglasses

Old sunglasses.

Take a closer look at your collection of sunglasses? Are there any scratched or broken copies? If yes, send them to the bucket without pity and regret. The same should be done with glasses that you have never worn this season, most likely you will not wear them in the next one. Ideally, your collection should have one, maximum two pair of glasses.

2. Ball pens

Not writing pens.

Loop the ball pens stored in the table and discard everything that they don’t write. The excuse that you will ever buy new rods is not accepted. You will never do this, and these worthless stationery will remain dead weight in your closets.

3. Sunscreens


Do not store sunscreen for more than one year. It is proved that sunblock loses its protective properties over time and becomes completely useless. So, it's time to thin out the rows of your jars and continue to buy funds from the sun of smaller volume.

4. Sheets

Old bedding sets.

Over time, any textiles lose their color and become overgrown with stains that will never wash out. These bedding sets have no place in your home. Nothing spoils the interior like faded or untidy textiles. And now we are talking not only about bedding, but also about towels, tablecloths and curtains.

5. Periodic

Piles of newspapers and magazines.

Periodicals are not designed for long-term storage. Therefore, it is not necessary to put another newspaper in a bunch of others with the thought that some information from it will still be useful to you. It is not useful, and if it could, you can hardly find the right newspaper or magazine after half a year in a bunch of others. Feel free to carry a ton of your newspapers to the collection point for waste paper and never again collect such reading matter.

6. Disks

DVD discs.

Be honest when was the last time you watched a DVD? If you do not remember, feel free to carry the entire collection of your DVDs in the trash. The only exceptions are really valuable copies: records of family celebrations, weddings, children's matinees, and other memorable events.

7. Nail polishes

Old nail polishes.

Occasionally check your nail polish. Some girls have so many that last for life. But, unfortunately, the contents of bright bubbles eventually thicken and become unusable.

8. Stuffed toys

A collection of soft toys.

If there are no children in your house, there should not be a huge number of soft toys in it. Not many people know, but plush products are a favorable environment for bacteria and dust, which can cause serious damage to health. Leave one, a maximum of two toys dear to your heart, and give the rest to your friends, to the orphanage, or simply send them to the garbage.

9. Books

School textbooks and mass literature.

Most people believe that throwing a book is almost a crime. Of course, this should not be done if we are talking about collection editions, expensive encyclopedias, as well as the works of the classics. But tell me, why do you need a textbook on mathematics for the 6th grade, biology for the 9th or a novel by Darya Dontsova? Such a reading matter can be easily handed out to those who want it or put it in a trash can.

10. Decorative cosmetics

The contents of cosmetic bags.

Shake everything out of your cosmetic bag. Most likely in its wilds you will find a mascara five years ago, pencils of strange colors, a bunch of cotton discs and a hundred probes. All these treasures can be safely sent to the scrap.

11. Knives

Broken and blunt knives.

Yes, yes, just imagine, knives can also become useless. Especially when it comes to low-cost products. Feel free to get rid of knives with broken arms and blunt blades that can not be sharpened.

12. Scrunchy

Hairpins and hair ties.

Do not store stretched elastic bands or broken hairpins. Believe me, these are not the values ​​that should be cherished.

13. Calendars

Old calendars.

Is it 2013 now? Not? Then why is there still a five-year-old calendar on your fridge? All old calendars, even with very beautiful pictures, should be regularly sent to the trash. It is foolish to litter your home with useless paper trash.

14. Brand Packages

Branded check packages.

It is wonderful that you can afford branded items, but it’s not necessary to keep bags of checks. Each item has its own warranty period, which means that after a month or two, the packaging and check can be safely sent to the garbage. The same applies to boxes of household appliances.

15. Medicines

Medicines in the first aid kit.

Carefully monitor the contents of your first-aid kit and get rid of expired medications on time. The use of expired drugs is not only useless, but also life threatening.

16. Souvenirs

Small souvenirs.

Do not forget to check the contents of your bag, pockets, cabinets and shelves for various souvenirs such as a cap with the logo of a political party, thousands of pens with corporate symbols, posters, leaflets and notebooks. All this only litters the living space and spoils the appearance of housing.

17. Broken bags and umbrellas

Broken bags and umbrellas.

It's time to part with a broken umbrella and a bag with a dead lightning. If you have not taken them to repair until now, most likely you will never do it.

18. Postcards

Presented postcards.

Imagine there are people who do not store greeting cards, but simply throw them away a month or two after the celebration. It is not necessary, of course, to throw out all the postcards, but their number is definitely unequivocal.

19. Single socks

Socks without a pair.

Just wondering why you keep them? If the hand does not rise just like that, take out and throw away all this pile of lonely socks collected over the years, use them as disposable napkins for cleaning dust.

20. Ancient technique

Old technique.

Some people still have black and white TVs, huge Soviet-era vacuum cleaners, radios, and there is a second refrigerator on the balcony, used as a locker. Such things usually take up a lot of space, and storing them is just silly so that you can quickly sell or throw them away.

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