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How to make the kitchen brighter: 23 non-standard ideas

With the change of seasons, we at the subconscious level want to update something in our interior. But I don’t want to start a repair with a bunch of dust and large capital investments.

This article contains 23 creative life hacking, which will give the interior a summer brightness, unique character and at the same time do not require a lot of time and skills from you for their implementation.

Perhaps one of the easiest, but at the same time very effective ways to transform the kitchen space is to acquire bright appliances. With Smeg, you will definitely be able to find refrigerators, toasters, kettles of various colors, and even with an attractive retro touch.

And maybe it's time to update the set of knives? After all, you can always find a more colorful alternative.

Nothing so refreshing the interior, like fresh flowers and plants. Find a place for several compact green pots in your sink and let them constantly delight you.

We paint the kitchen base in juicy yellow color, letting in a little more sun into the interior of its kitchen.

Laconic white circles can easily be turned into a source of excellent mood in the morning. For this you need only nail polish (not quick-drying) and some kind of plastic container with warm water, where we will pour it. Just be sure to leave untouchable upper part of the mug, which you will touch with your lips while drinking.

No need to bother too much when it comes to picking pictures. Even a simple, uncomplicated image of an apple will improve your mood, most importantly, let it be a rich hue.

Colorful children's drawings also fully cope with this task.

Do you think white curtain is too boring? Then go for the textile paint and with the help of the ombre technique make a smooth transition to your favorite color.

Each finishing site can be marked with color and an inscription for what it is intended.

Another simple way to revive the interior of the kitchen is to buy colored chairs or paint the old ones in several different colors.

Textiles dyed with shibori technique look very cool, impressive and original.

Maybe it's time to replace the nondescript mixer with something more original?

Carefully inspect your kitchen, perhaps there will be an unused section of the wall, which can easily become a functional slate surface.

The door for this too amiss! If you have children, they will definitely appreciate such creativity.

Sometimes it is enough to replace only the pens so that the headset looks completely new.

Visually change the space of the kitchen will help ornaments, applied to the wooden floor with a stencil.

In the autumn-winter period, when you want more memories of summer, you can close the fridge with some frivolous and incredibly positive picture.

It is easy to reanimate cans with the help of variegated paint and live plants.

Well, another idea for the transformation of the kitchen - color removable cushions on the seats of the chair.