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Stylish and bold decision: the secrets of the design of the living room in yellow tones

Yellow is rarely used in modern decor.

Perhaps because it is a bold and adventurous connotation.

Nevertheless, we have collected 20 interiors with beautiful color accents, ranging from sunny yellow to quiet pastel shades.

1. Yellow elements in a modern interior

Bright yellow elements in a modern interior can revive any room.

2. Black and white decor

Recently, interest in yellow shades in interior design of living rooms has increased significantly.

3. Bright furniture in the interior of the living room

Stunning interior of the living room with a yellow sofa.

4. Trendy classics in the interior

Furniture in such a room as a living room plays an important role, so its choice should be taken as seriously as possible.

5. Yellow always attracts attention.

Yellow goes well with other colors and shades, which gives the living room harmony and comfort.

6. Modern design solution

Yellow in the interior is one of the most successful and modern design solutions.

7. Harmonious connection of color shades.

Yellow shades easily enter into a harmonious relationship with almost all color palettes.

8. Accent elements in the living room

Yellow color in the living room can break the monotony and give the room warmth.

9. Modern living room interior

Yellow color, perhaps, can be called the lightest among the bright, saturated colors that will perfectly fit into the bright interior of the living room.

10. Yellow chair as an accent element

As accents for the gray living room is well suited yellow chair.

11. Relaxing atmosphere in the living room

Sunny color looks great in the bright interior of the living room.

12. Saturated yellow color in the area for watching TV

Bright yellow color in the area for watching TV as the main focus of the living room.

13. Muted shades of blue and yellow

The yellow-brown interior looks quite restrained, but at the same time it does not lose its cozy atmosphere.

14. Industrial subjects

The interior of the living room in the style of minimalism with contrasting yellow elements embodies the simplicity and sophistication, showing guests the refined taste of the owners.

15. Yellow-green interior

The yellow-green interior creates a relaxing, full of freshness atmosphere in the living room.

16. Bright furniture and lamps

Balancing the light yellow interior in the living room and kitchen is a real fashion squeak.

17. Modern industrial style

The contrast interior of the living room with dark shades and bright accents.

18. Eclecticism in the interior of the living room

A living room with yellow accents is an ideal option for cheerful and active people.

19. Subdued yellow in the living room

An interior in which balanced elements of the interior allow you to experiment with color endlessly.

20. Bright curtains

Light and smooth patterns on the bright curtains contrast well with the concise pattern on the walls.