Useful ideas

40 creative ideas for those who can not find a place in the house for numerous things

If there is always a mess in the house, a lot of undecomposed things that simply have nowhere to go, then it’s time to take serious measures to organize storage systems in the house. Unfortunately, they are not provided in modern homes, so you have to think through them yourself.

We offer 40 original ideas that will hide all unnecessary things out of sight.

The larger the staircase, the more space

Hallway under the stairs

Boxes in the steps

You need to start, first of all, with the study of the layout of the house and the things that need to be hidden. As a result, you can find free space in the most unexpected places: from small corners to vast areas, while they will not reduce the useful area of ​​the house.


Drawers under the bed

White boxes in the blue bedroom

Storage space under the bed

Drawers under the bed

Most often, under the bed, and so they hide some things, they only use a little bit of space from the very edge, but you can use the whole area of ​​the bed with benefit. Some models of beds and headboards are already made with drawers and shelves for storage. But nothing prevents in the case of their absence to do everything yourself.

The whole storage system near the bed and under it

Boxes under the bed

Bedroom interior with storage under the bed

Winter clothes can be safely sent to storage in such places. The place and the things that are used very rarely. Bedding will also be here by the way, especially spare blankets, pillows.


Equipped storage space under the stairs

Shelves under the stairs

Original design under the stairs for storage

space under the stairs can be used in different ways

There are two options for practical use of the stairs in the house as a place to store things. You can use the steps themselves as functional drawers or equip a pantry in the sub-stairs space. The first option is more expensive than the second, but it offers more usable storage space.


Additional drawers under the seats in the hallway

Low bookcase in the living room

Rack on the wall

Storage furniture

If the apartment is very small, then you have to look for additional space in the furniture, which can perform several functions. These can be ottomans in which you can stuff blankets, or a sofa, or a coffee table. Opportunities and imagination are not limited.


Storage furniture in the living room

Rack on the wall in the living room

Rack for any trifles

Shelves can be around the house in the most unexpected places.

Not all homes have built-in storerooms, they will have to look for a place on their own. If the area is limited, you will have to sacrifice a wall, or at least part of it, to make a huge racking from floor to ceiling. You can make it yourself, but you can buy it in a furniture store.

Regiments-niches in the bedroom

Shelving in the living room

Shelves in the living room

Library in the living room

On the wall you can even find a place for a bicycle and remove it from the hallway. Having carefully studied the things that need to be removed from the eyes, and the possibilities of shelves, hooks and whole wall sets, you will manage to clean up the house.



Clothes storage

Different types of wardrobes

Clothes can be hidden behind a curtain or door.

Not every bedroom has a closet, and even if there is, then it is not always different in thoughtfulness and convenience. It is possible that we will have to consider options for additional sections for clothes with built-in drawers, shelves and hangers.