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Top 10 shoe storage ideas

Have you seen a lot of people who have only 2-3 pairs of shoes for each season? Not everyone is capable of such miracles of minimalism.

But there are still shoes of other family members, and all these treasures need to be stored somewhere and, preferably, separately: actual shoes in one place, and off-season shoes in another.

We will tell about the best options available.

Shoe cabinet

If you manage to find a place for a shoe cabinet in the hallway, half of the problem is solved - here you can keep all current shoes, while it will be out of sight and protected from dust. In the usual shoe cabinet shallow shelves, closed doors.

Special shoe cabinet galoshnitsa

This cabinet is a closed storage with special shelves: the shoes in them stand vertically, so even if you put dirty shoes there, all the dirt will flow into the groove, which will then need to just rinse.

When buying a cabinet, pay attention to the height of the shelves. Some galoshnits only hold sneakers / shoes / boots, but high-top tall boots won't fit. Most likely it would be more rational to keep them separate than to spend the useful space of the cabinet under a double height shelf.

Shoe rack

This is a classic and simple storage solution for shoes that you often wear this season. Usually this is a special piece of furniture from two to three shelves, on the top of which you can sit down while you are wearing shoes or put on a bag. Thanks to this functionality, the shoe shelf is an essential element of most hallways. It can be combined with a closet, then on the shelf there will be shoes that are worn every day, and in the closet - the rest. For long-term storage, the shelf is not suitable, because the shoes will gather dust.

The usual wall shelves or original racks can act as a shoe, as in the photo below.

Place for shoes in the closet

If in your hallway fit a full wardrobe, most of the shoes can be stored in it. To do this, provide in the bottom of the cabinet shoe shelves, metal pull-out baskets or special holders for shoes. The most rarely worn or seasonal shoes can be stored in boxes or containers on the top shelf of the closet, each season rotating the right footwear from top to bottom and vice versa. Of course, a closet in the bedroom or a separate dressing room will also be suitable for storage, but only for off-season shoes, because every time you wash, dry and take the shoes that you wear again tomorrow, too labor-intensive.

Any wardrobe like a shoe

Storing shoes can be made original, if you use for this vintage cabinet for dishes or glazed shelving. It is good if it has a closed lower part and open shelves on top - then you can put the cutest shoes on the shelves, let them work as decor, and hide felt boots or old sneakers behind opaque doors.

Shoe Rack

Manufacturers have long puzzled over the best way to store furniture and have achieved some success. What only cost a variety of shoe racks that allow you to place shoes compact and cute. Analogs of such racks can be made independently: for example, it is convenient to store boots on hangers with clips.


Organizer is a great solution for storing summer and home shoes. Especially mounted options that allow you to efficiently use the inner surface of the cabinet doors. But organizers with cells are also convenient: each shoe or pair of shoes has its own cell, everything is very clear and compact - the organizer itself is hidden in the closet or under the bed.

Beautiful boxes

Many store seasonal shoes in ordinary boxes or containers in a closet or dressing room. But this storage can be made more beautiful and organized, especially if the boxes are constantly caught the eye. You can immediately buy decorative containers and store shoes in them, or go the budget way - paste over ordinary boxes with leftover wallpaper or paper for gift wrapping. If you sign each container or, even better, paste a photo of the contents on it, searching for the right pair will be several times easier, and the design will be pleasing to the eye.