Useful ideas

20 practical ideas that will help transform the living room

The living room is a special place in the house. The whole family gathers in this room after work and on weekends; here they receive relatives and friends. Therefore, I want the interior of this room to be special and make an impression on everyone who finds itself in it.

At the same time the living room should be comfortable and as functional as possible. The ideas gathered in this review will help make the living room exactly like this.

1. Contrast rack blue

Dark blue contrast bookcase in the interior of a classic living room.

2. Loft style living room

Spacious loft-style living room with concrete walls and ceiling.

3. Living room in pastel colors.

The modern interior of the living room in soft pastel colors.

4. Brickwork in the interior

Today there are a huge number of different combinations of styles in the interior, which are ideal for the living room.

5. Minimalism in the interior of the living room

Traditional for a minimalist style, the combination of black and white colors in the interior of the living room.

6. Classic living room

Rolshtora - the perfect solution for the classic interior of the living room.

7. Photo gallery in the interior of the living room

Bright living room with a bright contrasting gallery of paintings and photographs.

8. Fusion style living room

Bright pillows, carpet and unusual wallware in the interior of the living room in fusion style.

9. Bright accents

Contrast cushion with bright patterns and wall-mounted decorative dishes in the living room interior.

10. Unusual color range.

The unusual color scheme can be called the main trend of the modern style of 2017.

11. The combination of red, white and black

Contrasting combination of red, white and black in the living room in high-tech style.

12. Eco-style in the living room interior

The wood panel will look great in the area to watch TV.

13. Eco-living room

Bright living room with a lot of decorative elements made of natural wood.

14. Different stylistic trends in the interior.

Modern designers offer a mix of motifs of various stylistic trends in the modern interior of the living room.

15. Autumn motives

The most relevant idea that will allow to diversify the interior with autumn motifs.

16. Decorative elements in the interior

Small decorative elements in the interior of the living room, which, if properly placed, can become accents.

17. Contrasting colors in the living room

Bright contrasting colors against the background of the general light color range.

18. Simple and laconic interior

Simple and laconic interior of the living room with elements of high-tech technology.

19. Combination of black and white

Calm light shades are perfect for creating the background, and as an accent you can use a dark contrast color.

20. Wall paintings in the interior

The method of using wall paintings with inscriptions does not lose its popularity.