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17 fresh and practical interior ideas for apartments with a combined bathroom

It often happens that the apartment has a combined bathroom.

Housing with such a layout requires special attention to the arrangement of this very bathroom. Fortunately, today there are a huge variety of options for how you can equip, equip and put in order this room. We look and remember if there is a combined bathroom in your house!

1. Separation

Adjacent bathroom, divided by a wall.

Adjacent bathroom with shower, decorated with classic white tiles and hidden behind a brick wall, classic sanitary ware, open shelves and wonderful striped wallpaper in brown tones that make this space warm and cozy.

2. Modern look

A small bathroom with modern decoration.

A small bathroom, decorated in accordance with the latest design trends, with textured gray and small white tiles on the walls, a bathroom, a wooden pedestal, a solid sink, a laconic mirror with light and an ergonomic toilet hinged.

3. Bright details

Bathroom in white color.

A tiny adjacent bathroom with a fashionable, to date, large white tile on the floor and on the walls, a corner shower stall, a mounted toilet bowl and an abundance of small bright details that make this space interesting and dynamic.

4. Chic and glitter

Elegant design combined bathroom.

An elegant bathroom with a spectacular purple ceiling, an ergonomic glass-enclosed shower stall, a wall-mounted toilet, a wonderfully glossy pedestal, a false washbasin and a fantastic wall design, partly finished with original ceramic tiles, which became the highlight of this space.

5. Fascinating darkness

Adjacent bathroom in dark colors.

The stylish interior of a small adjacent bathroom with smooth panels of a pleasant chocolate shade, modern bathroom fixtures and an accent wall decorated with small mirror tiles.

6. White marble

Bright bathroom with "marble".

A neat and stylish bathroom with white-marble styled furnishings, a modern bathroom, a niche in the wall, a wall-mounted toilet and laconic dark gray cabinets with absolutely smooth facades.

7. Eco-style

Adjacent eco-friendly bathroom.

Wonderful interior of the adjacent bathroom with large beige tiles on the walls, a modern toilet and a large corner bath and wonderful decorative elements in the form of an installation made of wood and bamboo and wooden slats in the niche behind the heated towel rail.

8. Unusual details

Stylish bathroom with original sink.

The stylish interior of a small adjacent bathroom with gray tiles, stylized stone, ergonomic wall-mounted toilet, bathroom and an exclusive free-standing sink, located in a niche, lined with wood.

9. Urban

Bathroom in the style of urban.

Interesting interior of a small adjacent bathroom with an accent wall, decorated with smooth front panels in black, compact wall-mounted toilet, a large bathroom with shower, a rough shelf under the sink and original wall cabinets with mirrored doors.

10. Wooden details

Wooden details in the interior of a light bathroom.

A small neat bathroom with snow-white walls, black floor, a shower stall behind the glass partition, a classic toilet and original details made of natural wood.

11. Spectacular red

White bathroom with red accents.

Bright bathroom with original design of the walls in the bath area, bright red thumbs and a spectacular picture on one of the walls.

12. Atmospheric space

Gorgeous bathroom in gray-blue tones.

The magnificent interior of a small adjacent bathroom, decorated mainly in gray colors, with a modern toilet, a standard bathroom hidden behind a screen in the color of light wood and a fantastic accent wall decorated with large tiles of deep blue color that makes this space deep and mysterious.

13. Patterns

Accent wall with patterns in the interior of the adjacent bathroom.

A charming bathroom decorated in neutral colors with an accent wall decorated with an active geometric pattern and red tiles adorning the wall near the washbasin.

14. Classic combination

Classic design adjacent bathroom.

The laconic interior of a small en-suite bathroom decorated in black and white with a compact modern toilet behind the partition, a large bathroom hidden behind a black screen and a false sink on a neat black shelf.

15. Day and night

Contrast design of a small bathroom.

A small adjacent bathroom with white fixtures and a spectacular wall lined with smooth black front panels.

16. Stylish design

Spacious adjacent bathroom with original furnish.

Spacious bathroom with a large bathroom, a washbasin, standing on a stylish shelf of light wood, a classic toilet and the original design of the walls.

17. Photo wallpaper

Stylish black and white bath with photo wallpapers.

Exquisite design of adjacent bathroom with glossy cabinets, modern fixtures, luxurious corner jacuzzi and photo wallpapers, which became the highlight of this space.

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