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Useful tips: unusual use of products at home, at home

If you think that food can only be used in cooking, then you are deeply mistaken. From our article, you will learn how the products we are used to can help maintain cleanliness in the home, fight aging and get rid of colds.

  • It so happened that modern man lives according to certain rules. Every morning he gets up, washes himself, has breakfast and starts doing work or house chores.
  • Of course, in order to facilitate his life, he fully uses all the achievements of the trade industry. Every person in the house has a lot of household chemicals, cosmetics and a variety of medicines. All these resources help him to effectively deal with dirt, dust and germs, as well as maintain his beauty.
  • The most annoying thing is that some people already, in general, cannot imagine their life without all these chemicals. And, although they are well aware that the purchased products contain a lot of harmful substances, they all continue to use them
  • Only some people try to replace purchased household chemicals with more useful natural substances. And they use for this familiar to us food

Olive oil for shaving, curls, dishes, shoe cream

Unusual use of olive oil in everyday life
  • We all know that olive oil is very useful for the human body, therefore, we often fill them with vegetable salads or use it for frying lean fish and meat. Women love to add this natural fat to all sorts of hair and skin maxis.
  • But, besides this, olive oil can still solve quite a lot of domestic problems, the main thing is to know how to use it correctly. The best part is that for these purposes it is not necessary to buy a very expensive product, if you use it not for food or the preparation of cosmetics, then you can safely buy cheaper analogues


  • Shaving aid. If your loved one is over foam or gel, then suggest him to use olive oil. It just needs to be applied to the skin with a thin layer and using a razor to remove all unnecessary hairs. After the removal process is completed, you will need to wipe your face with a cotton swab dipped in chamomile broth. This will help you minimize irritation.
  • Polishing agent. If people in your home are prone to allergies, then try replacing household chemicals for polishing with olive oil. For the preparation of wonderful tools you need oil and lemon juice. Pour the finished product into a spray bottle and you can start putting your furniture in order.
Olive oil will prolong the life of your curls
  • Washing dishes. No matter how ridiculous it may sound, but olive oil will also help you to do the washing up. If you sprinkle them with spoons that were used to apply honey, jam, sugar candy or boiled condensed milk, they will be washed much faster.
  • Curling hair. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your curls on a windy and wet day, then just sprinkle the comb with olive oil and lightly comb your hair. Just keep in mind that the amount of oil should be minimal. If there is a lot of it, then the curls will dissolve, and the hairstyle will look untidy
  • Paint and varnish removal. If it happened that during the repair you dabbed the skin with paint, and there is no solvent at hand, then try replacing it with olive oil. Just apply it on the contaminated skin and leave it there for 5 minutes. After the time has elapsed, rinse the dermatological covers with warm water and soap.
  • Shoe cream. All you have to do in this case is simply to spray the oil on the surface of shoes or shoes. After that, give it time to soak in and polish the shoes with a dry wool rag.
  • Mastic. This wonderful tool will help you to replace industrial mastic for the floor. To make it, you need to mix three parts of olive oil and one part of lemon juice and vinegar. All ingredients must be very carefully mixed and you can begin to rub the flooring

Banana peel for wart removal, teeth whitening

The remedy for pain with caries

When buying a banana, we simply eat its tasty and sweet flesh, and throw the peel into the trash without hesitation. If you do that too, then be sure to check out the information below. Believe me, you will be very surprised when you realize that banana peel can be a good helper for you in everyday life.

Using banana peel:

  • Putting in order the silver. You can make a wonderful paste from banana peel, which will help to return the shine to silver products. To do this, take the peel and chop it thoroughly in a blender. Then add a little water to the resulting mass, and mix everything well. You should have a mass that resembles thick sour cream.
  • Restoring computer disks. If it turned out that you scratched the surface of a CD very badly, then do not rush to throw it away immediately. You can try to reanimate it with a banana peel. To do this, just rub it with the peel for 2-3 minutes, and then remove the remnants of the product with glass cleaner. After the disc is dry, you can use it again.
Recovering a disc with a banana peel
  • Whiten teeth. The banana peel contains a huge amount of substances useful to our mouth. Therefore, with the help of this tool you can quite easily lighten your teeth with a few tones. All you need to do for this is to rub their skin for 2-4 minutes. If you repeat this procedure 2 times a day for two weeks, then a snow-white smile will be provided to you.
  • Remove warts. If you are afraid to cut a wart, then try to get rid of her banana peel. Just cut a small piece and secure it to the problem area with an ordinary patch. Repeat the procedure every day until the neoplasm disappears completely.

Mayonnaise for hair, flowers, against creaking, cracking furniture

Mayonnaise cleanse the skin of fuel oil

For many of us, mayonnaise is just a delicious salad dressing. Sometimes we add it in marinades for meat or in pastries. But except in cooking, we do not use it anywhere else. And we do this, of course, in vain. After all, this delicious sauce, if desired, can help us solve a lot of domestic problems.

Ways to use mayonnaise:

  • We improve a condition of hair. If you are sure that this sauce was made from natural ingredients, you can try to replace it with a purchased conditioner. Eggs and vegetable oil will have a positive effect on your curls and make them more docile, shiny and alive.
  • We struggle with traces of dirt. If you have soiled your hands with fuel oil, wood tar or oil products, then treat dirty skin with mayonnaise and leave it there for 1-2 minutes. Then you can gently rub dirty stains and wash your skin with warm water and fragrant soap.
  • Freshen the flowers. We all know how quickly live flowers lose their festive look. If the room is very hot, then after a few hours their petals begin to fade. Mayonnaise can help you with this problem. To do this, apply quite a bit of sauce on a cotton swab and gently wipe the stems and leaves of the withering plant. In just a couple of seconds, it will look more green and fresh.
  • Remove traces of pencils. This way you can get rid of the darkest shade. The most pleasant thing is that in this case you will not have to put much effort. You just need to put a thick layer of sauce on the pencil trail and wait until it is completely absorbed. After that, simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth first and then with a dry cloth.
Mayonnaise helps to restore the scratched furniture
  • We struggle with cracks in the furniture. Treat the scratched areas of furniture with as much fatty mayonnaise. The more it contains vegetable oil, the better result you will get. After applying the sauce is not necessary to remove. It will be better if it is absorbed and dries naturally. As this happens the wood will begin to swell and scratches will become almost imperceptible. After the mayonnaise has dried you can polish the furniture with olive oil
  • Get rid of the squeak. If you began to notice that the hinges of the entrance doors began to creak very strongly, then grease them with a small amount of mayonnaise. Then open and close the door intensively until the sauce is evenly distributed over the loops. It is best to remove the excess that will remain on the surface after these actions with a soft sponge

Coffee grounds for fertilizer, anti-cellulite, odor from the refrigerator

The use of coffee grounds
  • It is probably difficult to find a person who would not like tasty and aromatic coffee. Coffee lovers drink this flavored drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This allows them to always stay awake, cheerful and full of strength.
  • But, probably, no one thinks that the coffee grounds, which remain after a tasty meal, can also bring quite a lot of benefit. This product is able to cope well enough with everyday problems, without requiring much time and effort.


  • We fertilize plants. Coffee grounds contain a huge amount of substances that are vital to fruit trees and flowers. Therefore, you can safely gather the thick of a few days and feed it your garden crops.

In order for it to penetrate the earth as deeply as possible, it is first diluted with water, allowed to infuse, and already in this form is applied to the soil. Besides the fact that such watering fertilizes the soil with nutrients, it also helps to scare away all sorts of pests that love to damage the roots and leaves of plants.

Coffee scrub for cellulite on the stomach
  • Deodorant for the fridge. Coffee grounds effectively absorb all unpleasant odors. If you dry it, put it in a jar and put everything in the fridge, then literally in half an hour it will just smell sweet with pleasant aromas. To maintain this effect, change the coffee grounds every 7-10 days.
  • We fight with cellulite. Coffee grounds are an excellent way to fight orange peel. If you mix it with olive oil and regularly massage this problem zone with this mixture, then literally in a month the dermatological covers will become flat and become more elastic and resilient.
  • Clean the kitchen sink. Every housewife knows how difficult it is to polish a sink in which the dishes are washed several times a day. The coffee grounds will help you to cope with this task. Since it consists of fairly solid particles, it will replace your washing abrasive. The most pleasant thing is that after washing the sink will not only shine, but also very pleasant to smell.
  • Remove the smell of cat urine. If there is a small kitten in your house that is not yet accustomed to the toilet, then try to do it with coffee grounds. Its smell is not very popular with animals, so if you put a thick in places where your four-legged friend likes to crap, he will start to bypass them. To smell it for a cat, change this wonderful tool at least once every three days.

Eggshell for seedlings, pictures, narrowing of pores, sugar replacement

Eggshell as fertilizer
  • We often perceive the egg shells as garbage. Therefore, eating an egg, we just take it and throw it away. But still the eggshell can be useful for humans as well as protein. It is a real storehouse of natural calcium, which is so necessary for the human body.
  • Scientists have long proved that if you grind egg shells into flour and take it 2 times a day, then you will be able to forget about calcium deficiency forever. But remember, the reception of egg flour should be carried out on an empty stomach and always with the addition of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

In addition, the shell can be used:

  • We fight with a cold. Eggshell flour is an excellent medicine that helps to fight sore throat, flu and runny nose. If you mix it with honey and milk and take the mixture in small portions throughout the day, it will help to increase the body’s resistance quite well.
  • We narrow the pores. If you cannot find a pore-tightening cosmetic for your skin, then try to get rid of this problem using an egg-shell and protein mask. These two ingredients should be mixed until smooth and applied in a thin layer on cleansed skin. After the mask dries, it should be removed with warm water, and on the face apply a nourishing cream suitable for your skin type.

Egg shell painting
  • Replace sugar. Eggshell flour can replace your purchased sweeteners. If you add a small amount of this product to coffee or tea, it will make them less bitter and tart. Such a little trick is especially well suited to the sweet tooth, who really want to lose weight, but can not refuse to use sugar.
  • Eliminate blockages in the pipes. Eggshell can attract fat, dirt and hair to itself, so if you periodically pour it into pipes in the kitchen and bathroom, then no blockages will be scary. But in this case it is best to use the shell, ground in flour
  • We decorate the interior. Eggshell to be inexpensive, but at the same time quite original material for decoration. The easiest way to make your home more creative is simply to glue large floor vases with pieces of shell and paint them in whatever bright color. If you are ready to spend even more time, then try to create an original picture from it and add, for example, dried flowers and small pebbles.
  • Growing seedlings. If you want your seedlings to grow healthy and strong, then try to germinate them in eggshell. To do this, fill it with high-quality primer, put it in an egg package and drop some seeds in these containers. While they germinate, do not water them, but spray the soil every day from the sprayer

Beer from brittle hair, from slugs

The use of beer in the household
  • Beer in our country is considered exclusively an alcoholic beverage that can relax the body a bit after a long and difficult working week. But, for example, in Germany, this drink is taken more seriously.
  • In this country, people love to substitute painkillers for this drink. They believe that a glass of fresh and natural beer can get rid of a weak headache and toothache. Local beauties add its bath water, and thus rejuvenate their dermatological covers.
  • But beyond that, beer has other interesting uses. With the most popular, we will introduce you to this article.


  • We get rid of brittle hair. Most often, hair breaks due to the fact that they lack nutrients and. For this reason, they become very dry and begin to fall out. To return a healthy shine to your hair will mask from beer. Its composition contains substances that nourish the scalp, strengthen the hair roots and make the curls stronger. To prepare this remedy, you will need to mix natural beer with water in a 3: 1 ratio and apply the resulting liquid to your hair. In five minutes, rinse the hair with a decoction of nettle and let it dry naturally.
  • We fight with slugs. These nasty creatures love strawberries and all kinds of cabbage. Most unpleasant, they eat vegetables, which at a certain point can no longer be treated with chemical herbicides. In this case, beer can be a great substitute for purchased items. And for processing you do not need to buy a very expensive product. Since the slug attracts only the smell, then you can quite easily get by with very cheap products. When you buy a beer, simply pour it into small plastic containers and bury them at ground level. Change containers until slugs stop burning in them
Bath with beer will help to relax and improve your health.
  • We return shine to gold ornaments. Gold products eventually become quite dull and become covered with dark spots that are not cleaned. But if such rubbers and bracelets are wiped with a cloth dipped in beer, then literally after the first treatment, their former luster will return to them. If the stains have not been removed for quite a long time, the decorations will need to be soaked in beer, and then polished with a dry wool rag.
  • We update the lawn. Достаточно часто летом на газонах образовываются некрасивые бурые пятна, которые не исчезают даже после повторного вскапывания и засаживания травы. Это связано с тем что в почве размножаются грибки, которые все время поражают траву в этом месте. But if you regularly water the affected area with beer, after a couple of weeks you will notice that the grass will begin to turn green and grow normally. During this time, the enzymes that are in the beer will kill all pathogens and contribute to more intensive development of vegetation

Starch for dog hair, for irritation, for cleaning silver

Several ways to use starch in everyday life
  • Starch can be found in the kitchen of any hostess. This white powder helps women prepare tender klyara for chops, airy cakes for biscuits and healthy fruit jelly for small children. But our mothers and grandmothers used starch not only in cooking.
  • They used it to combat grease stains that inevitably appear in the kitchen during frying. To do this, they simply applied a thick layer of starch on the contaminated surface and allowed it to absorb unnecessary dirt.

Interesting ways to use starch:

  • Tidy up the dog's coat. If there are pets in your house, then you probably know how important it is that their wool is always clean. But unfortunately, the fast pace of our life does not allow us to bathe our four-legged friends very often. Dry starch cleaning can be an excellent alternative to bathing. It allows to rid the animal's hair of dirt, unpleasant smell and make it as smooth as possible. All you have to do in this case is to put starch on the cat or dog wool and comb it well.
  • We fight with burns. Sometimes during ironing the iron overheats and there are not very beautiful traces on things. You can get rid of them with the help of all the same starch. The hot spot should be slightly sprinkled with water and plenty of starch should be sprinkled. Wait until the stain dries out and carefully rub it with a soft bristle brush.
Starch silver cleaning
  • Clean the silver. It is possible to return beautiful shine to silver products with the help of liquid starch paste. Mix the starch and water in a 2: 1 ratio and apply the obtained agent to silver. Ten minutes later, take a soft sponge and gently remove residue from the surface of products. At the end, be sure to polish with a flannel cloth.
  • Remove irritation on the skin. If you were bitten by an insect and the skin began to burn and scratch very strongly, then treat the irritated place with starch diluted in water. This mixture will help get rid of unpleasant symptoms and slightly cool off the dermatological covers.

Cinnamon for weight loss, hair lightening, breath odor, ants, lip augmentation

Cinnamon application
  • Cinnamon belongs to the spicy spices that can turn the head of any gourmet. Probably only a few will be able to abandon the sweet and delicate strudel or shortbread biscuits flavored with cinnamon. But if in our country this spice is used exclusively in cooking, then the Chinese, for example, use it to treat colds and stomach problems.
  • They believe that the nutrients that are in its composition can very well improve immunity, remove the inflammatory process and fight pathogenic bacteria

Interesting methods of using cinnamon:

  • Lighten hair. If you want your curls to be a few tones lighter, but you do not want to spoil them with chemical paints, then try to achieve the desired result with ground cinnamon. For the preparation of natural paint you need cinnamon and natural honey. These products should be mixed together and then 10 minutes on the steam bath. After cooling, the mixture is applied to the hair and left there for about half an hour. But be prepared for the fact that for one time your hair does not brighten. Visible result can be achieved only after 3 procedures.
  • We get rid of the unpleasant smell in the mouth. Cinnamon is pretty good, and most importantly for a long time, freshens breath. So buy cinnamon sticks and always carry them with you. When needed, you can literally make your breath quite pleasant in just a couple of seconds. If you want the effect to last as long as possible, then rinse the mouth with tea of ​​cinnamon.
Cinnamon Hair Mask
  • Get rid of extra pounds. Scientists have long proved that high-quality cinnamon increases metabolism very well and prevents the deposition of fat cells in problem areas. Therefore, if you eat it very often, then the weight will definitely begin to decline. And if you mix cinnamon with ginger and drink it with low-fat kefir, it will help to establish the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • We are fighting with ants. Ants do not digest the taste and smell of cinnamon. Therefore, if you sprinkle it with their habitat in the house, then literally in a few days they will leave. But do not remove the surface, as soon as you notice that the ants have disappeared, to fix the result, leave it there at least for a week
  • Making plump lips. If you dream of lips like Angelina Jolie, then prepare a mixture of ground cinnamon and beeswax and massage your mouth with it for a few minutes. Cinnamon during this time will begin to irritate the skin and sponge slightly swell. The effect of this manipulation will last 3-5 hours.


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