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Gorgeous forged candlesticks that will decorate any interior

You can diversify the interior in a variety of ways, including with the help of sturdy candlesticks. So, in the new review, just two dozen examples of such candlesticks were collected.

Looking at forged items is a pleasure, and most importantly, they will fit almost any interior that you can think of.

1. Candlestick in the shape of a tree

Forged wall candle in the form of a tree for lovers of eco-style.

2. Two elegant candlesticks

Two exclusive forged candlesticks that will become a real wall decoration.

3. Wall sconces

Two metal forged candlesticks that will create a romantic atmosphere.

4. Candlestick round shape

Forged wall candle handmade.

5. Floristic motifs

Wall forged candlestick made of sheet steel and steel bar.

6. Wall candle in the form of a dragon

Forged candlestick in the form of a dragon, which will give the situation an even greater charm.

7. Forged candlesticks with their own hands

Fancy shaped metal candlesticks for candlesticks will become truly original wall decorations.

8. Traditional wrought candlestick

Forged candlestick will give any interior the characteristic features of classicism.

9. Forged candlesticks in the shape of a circle

Candlesticks from forged metal sheets of rounded shape.

10. Candlestick for one candle

Wall candle - an important element in the design of the dwelling in the classical style.

11. Forged shelf for candles

Forged metal candlestick for several candles.

12. Forged candle holder for eco style lovers

Forged candlestick for several candles, made in floral motifs.

13. Stylish and simple

A simple wall candle as an element of room decor.

14. The elegant shape of the candlestick

Forged candlestick that fits perfectly into the bright interior of the room.

15. Candlesticks with gilding elements

Pair forged candlesticks with gilding elements to create a warm atmosphere in the room.

16. Candlestick in the form of a lantern

Metal forged candlestick in the form of an old street lamp.

17. Magic setting

Forged candlestick that will help create a magical atmosphere in the house.

18. Classics in the interior

Candlestick that perfectly complements the daily interior of the room.

19. Vintage interior

Forged metal candlestick for two candles.

20. Original candlestick

A pair of simple wall candlestick made of metal.