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How to wash kitchen towels

I am calm about washing. I like to get clean linen from the machine, inhale the fresh scent, carefully hang it ... But when it comes to kitchen towels, even the most dexterous housewives are furious.

Withdraw stubborn stains from textile napkins - a real flour. Every time you have to resort to the old grandmother's method - boiling. I finally learned the blessing how to get old spots using a microwave.

How to wash kitchen towels MINI-COT FOR OWN HOSTS
    In order for your towels to once again get the proper look and be as good as new, take the usual washing soap and a plastic bag. Wet a towel, thoroughly soaped.

    Then put the towel in a plastic bag without tying it.

    Put the bag in the microwave. Set the average power and leave for 1.5 minutes.

    Carefully remove the towel from the oven. Use forceps to avoid scalding.

    Wash the napkins in clean water. Spots and unpleasant smell are gone!

    Do not buy terry towels for the kitchen, as they quickly become soiled and look untidy, besides they dry for a long time. Choose linen, cotton “waffle” towels, because they wash well and for a long time keep a decent look.

    When you are cooking, use towels made of dark or colorful fabric so that the dirt is not so noticeable. To less textiles, my fat hands or wipe them with a paper napkin. Change the product every 2 days, so as not to bring them to a critical state.

    Use several towels for different roles: one for dishes, another for hot pans, the third for the table, and the fourth for hands. To avoid spoiling the look of the kitchen with dirty napkins during the day, keep them in a cute wicker basket.

As you can see, there is no need to go far for solving a problem! Try this way of washing kitchen towels and lag behind the unsurpassed keeper of the home!

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