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17 entertaining design gizmos that I want to get right now

17 entertaining design gizmos that I want to get right now

Designers are constantly creating devices that are designed to raise our level of comfort to the maximum.

This and kitchen devices, and gadgets for cleaning.

In this material we have collected 17 entertaining design gizmos that I want to get right now.

1. Chopping boards

Dressing boards-books.

Who would have thought that the chopping boards can be beautiful and original, but designers do not get tired to surprise. A vivid example of this is a set of wooden planks, the sides of which look like the roots of books.

2. Flip flops with a secret

Flip flops with opener.

It looks like ordinary beach flip flops, but if you turn them over, you will notice that there is a small dredging on the soles. It is nothing more than a bottle opener. In our opinion, the presence of such a thing can be great to help out on the beach, stadium or on the road.

3. Square griddle

Large square pan.

The disadvantage of a standard griddle is that it is almost impossible to fry more than three steaks due to the shape on it. But a large square pan is ideal for this. So, if you are a big fan of meat dishes, bacon and the like, then you just need to buy this little thing.

4. Timer

Projected timer.

A dishwasher equipped with a tiny built-in projector that reflects the end time of washing right on your floor.

5. Socks

Socks with marks.

The marks “Right”, “Left” on these socks will not allow to wear them wrong - a perfect gift for those who love comfort even in small things.

6. Tea hours

Hourglass for brewing tea.

Want to always make perfect tea? In this case, you need these hourglasses. Three cones with sand of different colors will help brew tea of ​​any strength.

7. Tanks for seasonings

Spice containers.

Spice containers can be not only functional, but also stylish. For example, containers in the form of mountain peaks will always remind you of the love of travel.

8. Flower pot

A pot in the form of shoes.

A charming pot in the form of a woman's shoe will be a stunning decoration of the interior of the women's room or beauty salon.

9. Night light

Nightlight in the form of a house.

This is not just a nightlight, this is a whole story: the house symbolizes protection and comfort, a soft yellow light, it says that it is warm there, and the roof in the form of a book reminds of beautiful fantasies, distant wanderings and fairy tales. We recommend putting such a night light in the child’s room to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort of the parent’s house in his bedroom.

10. Carpet

A rug in the form of a cut tree.

An awesome thin rug in the form of a huge wooden saw will help to bring notes of natural harmony into the interior of a city apartment.

11. Cutlery stand

Cute stand for cutlery.

Fold the forks and spoons after washing into this charming boat stand, after 5 minutes, lift it up over the sink by the “mast”, letting the water flow through the holes, and you can put it on the table.

12. Hooks

Coat hooks.

Most often the hanger in the hallway is something dull and inconspicuous. These deer head hooks have nothing to do with this statement. Although there is no, you can hang outerwear and bags on them, but at the same time they look very bright and stylish.

13. Magic glasses

New Year's glasses.

If on the eve of the New Year you do not have a festive mood, you just need these glasses. They magically turn the lights of the garlands into glowing Christmas deer.

14. Compact chairs

Transforming stools.

Transforming furniture is a real find for small apartments and houses. These chairs are no exception. They are very light, easy to fold and as unnecessary can stand in an inconspicuous gap between the furniture or hang on the wall.

15. Screwdriver

Screwdriver in the form of a bear.

I bet this is the most charming screwdriver you have ever seen. When assembled, it looks like a figure of a cute bear. However, under the torso of a bear lies the tip of a standard screwdriver. Included are 6 interchangeable heads for all occasions.

16. A set of cups

A set of cups with stand.

A set of cups with a stand, which when folded are a familiar keyboard segment.

17. Spoon

Spoon that changes color.

A spoon that changes color when it comes into contact with a hot dish is an indispensable thing in the arsenal of children's dishes.

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