Useful ideas

15 amazing ideas how to effectively and inexpensively decorate the interior with natural wood

Wood is a material that never goes out of fashion.

But, unfortunately, the high cost of natural material makes it inaccessible to most. You should not despair, because there is a way to equip the interior with a tree for a penny.

Enough to use regular branches.

1. Original floor decor

Branches in large vases.

Thin tree trunks or massive branches are used as original filling for large outdoor pots. Pots can be replaced with low vases. To make the decor sustainable, fill the tank with something heavy, such as sea pebbles.

2. Easy zoning screen

Branches for zoning.

To make living space comfortable, it should be divided into functional areas. Installing walls or interior partitions is not the best solution, as it takes a lot of space. An interesting option would be partitions of straight branches, installed vertically. They will create a relaxing atmosphere inherent in wildlife.

3. Let there be light

Lamps on the branch.

Suspended ceiling lights in their standard form may look boring. To change the situation, wind the wire around a large branch standing in a pot. But in order for such a lamp to be safe, take care of high-quality insulation of all electrical components.

4. Eco-style wall mount

Photos on the branch.

To attach the branch to the wall, you will need to make only two holes. But not the branch itself will be able to place a lot of photos or other decor. They can be tied with a ribbon to a branch or horizontally glued onto a thick decorative thread.

5. Functional shelf

The use of branches in the interior: a homemade shelf.

In this case, the branches attached to the bottom of the shelf, perform a decorative function. With this addition, even the most ordinary shelf will become an original piece of furniture.

6. Refined eaves

Wooden eaves free.

Such a cornice from a painted branch looks more than impressive. But its functionality may cause some doubts: after all, moving the curtains along the eaves is very problematic. To prevent this, use translucent curtains that can be closed during the day. Another way out of the situation - rings or lifts for curtains, which help to fix the canvas in the folded position.

7. Instead of colors

The use of branches in the interior: the decor in the vases.

The classic decor is branches in small vases. Such a decoration will fit in almost any situation. The main thing is to correctly choose their color. Peeled bark branches are easy to color in the chosen tone. This wooden bouquet will last for a long time, being an original substitute for ordinary flowers.

8. Original bed headboard

Wooden headboard with their own hands.

A beautiful headboard is a budget option decorating a bedroom that does not take a precious square. There are many options for placing branches. For example, they are placed at the corners of the bed or just behind the headboard. In order for such a composition to last a long time, it is recommended to varnish wood.

9. Creative coffee table

A table for the living room of the branches.

A coffee table is another option for using branches in the interior. From thick branches, tied together, you get a massive table. For it to be sustainable, trimming the tree must be strictly the same height. If you have a small tabletop, for example, from other furniture, branches can be used as furniture legs.

Little table with legs from branches.

10. Wooden Looking Glass

The frame for the mirror of the twigs.

It is easy to make a frame for a mirror or a picture from short branches. They stick directly onto the mirror with glue "liquid nails" or another similar composition. Also branches can be attached to the frame, which does not have outstanding aesthetic characteristics.

11. Precious branches

Organizer for decorations.

From a small branch of an intricate form you get an organizer for jewelry. It is necessary to fix it in a flower pot, for example, pouring plaster or filling it with small stones.

12. Convenient hooks for small items and not only.

Hooks from branches.

From the branches of different lengths you can make a variety of hangers and hooks. From a small trunk you get a hanger for the hallway, and their small ones, fixed inside a deep frame - for the bathroom. So that things do not cling to a tree, you need to remove the bark from it, cover it with varnish or paint.

13. Stylish hangers

Wooden hangers.

A short branch with a metal wire screwed into it is a hanger, which is not a shame to hang not only inside the cabinet, but also in the most prominent place in the apartment.

14. Mini wardrobe

Unusual horizontal hanger.

If there is not enough space for arranging a full-fledged dressing room - it does not matter. From the branch, hanging on the brackets to the ceiling, you get a great place to put a lot of clothes on hangers.

15. New life of an old vase

Vase, decorated with branches.

If a plain glass vase in the shape of a glass seems too boring, then this is easy to fix. Just decorate it with branches, gluing them along its radius. Similarly, you can decorate and candlestick.