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Magnetic brush for washing windows - which one to choose?

This device is designed for quick and easy window cleaning. Magnetic brush cleans the glass from the outer and inner sides at the same time, thereby significantly saves the time the housewife and, importantly, does not expose her to the risk of falling.

How does the window brush work?

The brush itself is made of durable plastic and is a construction of two halves that wash the windows at once from two sides. In the case of each of them is a magnet. Thanks to him, the part held in his hands holds the brush outside the window. For greater safety, the outer brush is equipped with a rope with a ring. It can be fixed to avoid accidental fall.

The inner sides of the brushes, which clean the glass surface, are laid with foam rubber or felt inserts (there are several interchangeable ones included). These materials allow you to clean all the dirt from windows. Along the edges of the brushes are rubber bands. They clean off the remnants of moisture from the glass, without leaving a streak.

Doubtless plus of magnetic brushes for washing windows - it’s not necessary to use different wipers when working with them. Thanks to the material from which the working surface of the brushes is made, as well as to the rubber parts, windows can be washed with ordinary warm water.

Wash the window sill and profile before cleaning the windows. Then take the brushes and divide them by turning one by 90 °. In this case, the effect of the magnet weakens, and the halves easily move away from each other. Moisten the working surfaces with water (or spray window cleaner on them) and place the brushes exactly opposite each other on the inside and outside of the glass, having previously fixed the ring with a rope on the wrist or the window handle. Run the brush that you have in your hands, across the entire surface. The second will completely repeat the trajectory of the first, cleaning the glass from the street.

To understand whether you need such a device at home, you need to know all its strengths and weaknesses.

Pluses of magnetic brushes:

  • When using such a device, you do not have to take the risk of leaning out of the window to clean the outer part of the glass. All work is done inside the apartment.
  • Due to the fact that the cleaning process takes place from two sides at once, you spend half the time on window washing.
  • Brushes are made of very durable material, they are hard to break.
  • With these brushes you can not only clean the window. They can be used separately to wash the mirror in the bathroom or wipe the mirror. They are suitable for plastic and other coatings.

Now consider the cons of magnetic brushes. There are not so many of them:

  • Not all brushes are suitable for washing windows with thick glass or double glazing. For such constructions should choose a device with a more powerful magnet.
  • The price of such a device can be quite high. Especially if you choose a model designed for washing thick glasses.

You can buy brushes from Chinese and Russian manufacturers in hardware stores or order online. Let's take a closer look at the models they produce.

Windows wizard (country of origin - China). Work surfaces are equipped with interchangeable foam foam inserts. In addition, there is a flexible scraper, due to which the window removes residual water or wiper. There is a rope with a ring for safe work. The magnet is thin, with double glazing will not cope. This model can be used to clean the windows on the balcony. The cost of this brush is about 1,500 rubles.

Glass Wiper - This is another model made in China. It is quite compact and light. It has removable foam inserts and flexible scrapers. There are three types of such brushes intended for washing of glasses of different thickness. Their price varies, depending on the power of the magnet. Approximately 900 rubles, you can buy a brush that is suitable for glasses with a thickness of 3 to 6 mm, for 1 500 rubles. - from 15 to 25 mm, for 1 800 rubles. - from 20 to 30 mm.

Tatla - This is a Russian model. There are five species, depending on the thickness of the glass. Made of brushes of high quality plastic. The working surfaces are lined with a replaceable washing cloth. The brush halves are fastened together with a long safety rope. This model will cost much more than its Chinese counterparts. For the thinnest glasses, the brushes will cost about 2,000 rubles, and for thick ones - about 5,000 rubles.

It is very important to choose the right magnetic brush suitable for your windows. Only in this case they will be really useful.