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Than to wash the faded things: tips to the hostesses

When popular methods of solving this problem are exhausted, the hostesses resort to the use of stain removers, bleaches and color fixers. Such chemicals help to effectively restore the spoiled item. To give the clothes a former look, you need to use proven tips. When answering the question, how to wash out faded things, use the suggested tips.

Problems with white linen

Dyeing clothes in other colors during washing is often the result of improper interpretation of labels. If things are indicated that it is necessary to wash them in water of a certain temperature, it is better to follow this advice. Having loaded garments of different colors into the washing machine, the hostess risks getting spoiled things at the exit.

In addition, manufacturers themselves often make mistakes and do not indicate on the label features of the fabric. Some things can be painted with low-quality materials - as a result, incidents occur after washing.

One of the main problems of this plan is the molting of white things. Beautiful snow-white dresses and blouses can instantly turn into products painted in all the colors of the rainbow. As a result - a spoiled mood and money thrown to the wind for clothes.

Here are some ways to wash faded white underwear:

  1. To wash white tablecloths and sheets, as well as large pieces of clothing made from white cloth - boil them in a bucket. For confidence in the action, add soap to the water pieces. Before using this method, be sure to read the washing instructions label. If you plan to digest blouses and white pants, choose the right water temperature, if you do not want to get damaged lightning and accessories as a result.
  2. Things from a delicate fabric can be washed using hydrogen peroxide in combination with soda. Take 1 tbsp. l soda and peroxide, add 2 liters of water. Faded things put in a heated liquid for 10 minutes.

  3. You can get rid of stains on white clothes by applying potassium permanganate. Dilute the substance in water to a weak pink color, add a little washing powder and soak the laundry for 5 hours.
  4. Using salt, starch, citric acid and soap chips, prepare a solution in the following proportions: 500 g of salt per tablespoon of the substances listed. Using broad bristle, apply the gruel on the stain and rub. After a day rinse clothes.

Try not to wash white things together with colored ones, even if you are sure that colored clothes do not shed.

What if shedding colored things?

It happens that sheds colored clothing. This happens in the case of improperly selected temperature for the machine. Erasing things of different colors manually in one container, study the label to be sure of the safety of the past.

If the colored underwear is still spoiled and faded, the first thing to do is to check how the fabric reacts to the heat. Some types of materials can get the same clean look after washing in hot water at 60 degrees - the foreign paint will be washed off the clothes along with the water.

There is a proven folk remedy that helps to simultaneously get rid of stains from molting and fix color on the fabric. To remove the defect, follow these steps:

  1. Ammonia in the amount of 100 g pour into the basin with hot water.
  2. Fade colored underwear in a container with a solution.

  3. Leave for 3 hours.
  4. Rinse the clothes with water and, if necessary, wash with powder to remove the smell.

To fix the color: 1 tsp. ammonia is added to 10 liters of water, and some laundry detergent for hand washing is also thrown there. The laundry is placed in a liquid and rinsed several times. At the last stage, vinegar is added to the solution, which removes the smell of ammonia.

Chemicals to solve the problem

In the era of the development of science and the introduction of new improved formulas, it became much easier for the hostesses to return the original look to the clothes. Today, stain removers are used to restore faded things — they effectively fight even old stains. The fixers of the color of the matter are used to prevent the thing from dyeing other linen, and special napkins protect clothing from unwanted dyeing.

Stain removers

These tools have proven themselves in the field of removing stains, in addition, they do an excellent job with divorces after fading things. For white clothes it is appropriate to use bleach, but before using, examine the composition and label on the fabric. It will not be superfluous to read the recommendations of the manufacturer of the chemical agent: for white fabrics indicate the "white" icon, and for color - "color".

In the product line of such well-known brands as Vanish, Komet, Ace and Amway, you can find effective tools for both white and multi-colored linen. They are added during hand-washing at the soaking stage or with machine wash directly into the drum.

In the case when only part of the clothes faded, it would be better to apply bleach only on it and last for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse and wash with powder. When all the methods are exhausted, you should not throw out clothes - today there are many dry cleaners, which will help to restore the original look to the laundry.

Color pickers

Many advertised products in most situations do not help to fix the color range of clothes. Some fixers can even ruin the laundry or give it an even more molt effect.

Expensive does not mean efficiently. The means of fixing the white color, can well lighten the darker shades. The best advice is to sort the laundry before washing, as well as the above method of fixing the color with liquid ammonia.

Special napkins

Today, napkins against molting are considered affordable and convenient. They are sold in any hardware store, and the effect of the action is simply amazing. To use this method, purchase napkins and follow these steps:

  1. Linen any color, even white, place in the washing machine.
  2. Put the unwrapped napkins straight into the drum. Depending on the amount of linen and the difference of colors, napkins you may need up to 3 pieces ...
  3. Run the machine for washing.

The essence of cleaning with napkins is as follows: if a thing begins to give paint to water, the napkin will absorb it. This budget option of preserving the color of the thing and fixing it made these devices popular among hostesses.

How to fix the color of clothes folk remedies?

When a new thing is purchased, but there are still doubts about the quality of dyeing the material, it is recommended to follow the color fixing procedure before the first wash. After the event, the clothes will not give color to other things, and it can easily be washed with other clothes.

Folk remedies are the methods tested by the time and experience of our grandmothers. Here are a few of them:

  • Soda and salt, dissolved in a bucket of water in equal proportions, perfectly retain color. Prepare the solution and dip new things into it. Leave the cloth for 2 hours, then rinse. The remaining water may stain, so rinse is necessary until such time as the water is clean.

  • Vinegar and water also fix color. At 10 liters of warm water, add 3 tbsp. l 9% vinegar. Thanks to soaking the laundry in such a solution, it will not fade with time, but on the contrary - it will become brighter.

These methods are generally available and not expensive. Apply them can and should, if the new thing has bright colors: red, blue, orange. Before soaking, be sure to study the composition of the fabric and the temperature allowed for washing.

Housekeeping Tips

Experienced housewives know all the details of a successful wash, but do not forget about simple tips that will help to keep clothes in the form in which it was purchased:

  1. Wash things only after sorting the laundry. The colors of one tone can be loaded into the drum safely, but such combinations as red and blue should not be done. It is preferable to sort even colored laundry, although it is allowed to wash clothes of the same color together.
  2. Do not forget to fix the colors of the fabric before the first wash using the methods described.
  3. Drying of linen should not take place in direct rays of the sun: thus, clothing burns out and turns dark.

Do not despair if the laundry has gone bad and acquired colored stains. This is not a reason to throw out your favorite things. Better use the suggested tips to solve the problem.