Useful ideas

25 practical life hacking that will make your life easier and much more convenient

You never know when this or that life hack can come in handy, so there are not many of them. Today we want to present you another 30 practical life hacking of different degrees of utility.

Some of them may be of dubious value, however they masterfully tickle the brain from the realization that someone has thought of it before. Others are guaranteed to help you find free time and save a bag of nerve cells. In general, look and bookmark just in case.

Stationery gum will help if you do not have a car phone holder

Curved self-adhesive note will save you from debris on the floor while drilling the wall.

Walking the dog, but you have no pockets? Your four-legged friend will help solve this problem.

Add stainless steel nuts to the flexible tube of the sprayer so that it works in all directions.

If there is a hole in your garden hose, find the hole, stick a toothpick into it, and then break it

To cool beer quickly, wrap the bottle in a wet cloth and place it in the freezer.

If the butter is tightly frozen, then use a grater to make yourself a sandwich

Mushrooms can be easily cut by an egg cutter

Make a small pocket inside the watermelon to put the seeds in it

Packing on a trip, put a rolled-up belt in a shirt collar, so he will not remember.

Are you bending the edges of the self-adhesive notes? Just tear them away.

The way you can make two pizzas at once

To watch your favorite TV series while washing dishes, make a holder for a tablet from kitchen hooks.

To prevent the trash bag from crawling, put the same hooks on the trash can,

Do you want to cool the wine, but do not want to dilute it with ice cubes? Instead of ice, drop frozen grapes into a glass.

Not enough space in the kitchen? Place a cutting board on an open drawer to gain some extra space.

Use a hanger with trouser clips if you have to constantly look into notes.

No corkscrew? Just use a screw and pliers.

Large candles look cool, but they are quite expensive. Make them last a little longer by putting tea candles inside.

The way you can heat two bowls at once in the microwave

If you have to pack a lot of gifts, stick the tape on the edge of the table, and then cut the tape into strips of the required length.

Towel holders are great for the role of pot lid holders

Use a screwdriver to add oil to the engine without a funnel.

Pack minced meat in the form of flat sheets, so it is easier to store, plus it will be defrost faster

Plastic bottle with holes instead of a sprinkler

The iron is great not only for straightening hair, it is also for ironing the shirt collar

Always keep money and a list of important numbers under the cover of your smartphone just in case

After all, the phone can be discharged at any time, and besides, you never know when you may need money, but there is no wallet nearby.