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20 brilliant ideas for the alternative use of PVC pipes in the house and in the garden

A lot of things can be made from PVC pipes, including independently, with due attention and diligence.

What exactly this can be, you can look at the new review.

Surely, many of these gizmos can be used in their summer cottage.

1. Curtain rod

Stylish eaves from water pipes.

The extra pieces of pipes left over from the repair of the aqueduct can be used to create an original and practical curtain rail. It is worth noting that both plastic and metal pipes are suitable for the manufacture of eaves. The main thing is to correctly evaluate the weight of the curtains as the plastic cornice is unlikely to withstand the weight of heavy curtains.

2. Stand for laptop

Bright stand under the laptop.

Unnecessary pieces of PVC pipes can be used to create an original stand for a laptop, which will protect it from overheating. And so that the stand is pleasing to the eye and does not look sad, it can be painted in any bright color with the help of spray paint.

3. Shelf for shoes

Shelf organizer for shoes.

Large diameter pipes are perfect for creating a practical and stylish organizer for shoes. And in order to make the product look attractive, pipes need to be pre-painted or decorated with wallpaper.

4. Organizer for linen

Practical organizer for underwear.

Small pieces of PVC pipes of medium diameter can be used to create a practical organizer for socks, tights, pants and scarves in the drawer.

5. Plant support

Support for climbing plants.

Thin pipes are perfect for making simple support for climbers in the country.

6. Stands

Stands for hair dryer and pleyok.

Plastic pipes and their accessories can be used to create various supports for hair dryers, curling irons and hair curling irons.

7. Pencils

Wall and desktop pencil case.

PVC pipes of different diameters can be used to create practical pencil cases. For this, the pipes should be carefully cut, glued together and attached to any suitable stand, whether it be a metal cover or a piece of chipboard. The finished product can be put on the table or attached to the wall and used for storing pens, pencils, erasers and other stationery.

8. Shelving

Household shelving.

A functional rack of plastic pipes is a budget idea for organizing storage in a garage or storage room.

9. Lamps

Refined lamps from pipes.

Creative individuals can try and make PVC pipes with unique and very spectacular lights. To do this, you can paint the pipes, decorate it with figured cuts, sparkles and any other materials and insert the base with a light bulb.

10. Decorative partition

Decorative partition from water pipes.

Talented and creative individuals can use trimming water pipes to make an exquisite decorative partition.

11. Stand for hose

Stand for garden hose.

To keep the long garden hose underfoot, you can make a simple and practical stand made of plastic pipes for it.

12. Bicycle mount

Bicycle mount on the car.

You can make a convenient mount for a bicycle on the trunk of your own car from unnecessary PVC pipe.

13. Bed side

A side from PVC pipes.

So that a child or an elderly person does not accidentally fall out of bed, equip its edges with simple rims made of plastic pipes.

14. Security Gate

PVC security gates.

Low-gates can be made of PVC pipes, which will not allow a child to leave the safe territory and get into the kitchen or to the stairs.

15. Holder for glasses

The holder for glasses from a plastic pipe.

A piece of PVC pipe can be turned into an original holder for glasses. To do this, you need to make a narrow cut along the pipe and attach it to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet or to the wall.

16. Cutlery stand

Charming stand for cutlery.

Scraps of PVC pipes, remaining after repairs in the bathroom, can be used to create an original stand for spoons, forks and knives.

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17. Vases

Wonderful flower vases.

From the remains of PVC pipes, very original flower vases are obtained, which can be decorated with the help of an original painting, applique or decoupage.

18. Hanger

Hanger in the hallway.

PVC pipes and their accessories, painted in any color, can be used to create an original and practical hangers for the hallway.

19. Bird feeders

Bird feeders.

People who keep chickens, geese or ducks will probably like the idea of ​​creating feeders and troughs from wide plastic pipes.

20. Rack for clothes

Original clothes hanger.

Thin PVC pipes can be used to create a trendy floor hanger - a mandatory attribute of an open wardrobe.

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