Useful ideas

A few items that many people don’t realize

In ordinary everyday life, we often use a variety of things, objects and accessories, but we don’t even guess their true purpose, and therefore we use them not quite as we originally intended.

Today we will tell you about some of these things.

We assure you did not know!

Small groove in the cups

It is not in all, but in many modern models. This, you know, it still remains especially strongly plaque from coffee or low-quality tea. Do you know why she is needed? To make it easier to use the cup in the dishwasher! Ha, naive Europeans. Surely they did not know that 99% of the population washes their hands?

Drawer under the oven

You probably keep pans there! Have you guessed it? Thought you need it for this? No matter how wrong! In fact, this capacity is necessary in order to keep in it already prepared dishes while others are still preparing. In addition, at this time they will keep warm due to the heat coming from the oven. We vouch for you and did not suspect!

Arrow near sign with gas tank

When the car runs out of gas, the control panel next to the speedometer lights up orange or red, usually the gas tank icon. This indicates that it is time to refuel the car. However, sometimes, in some models, there is also an arrow flashing, indicating where this tank is actually located. It helps some young and inexperienced drivers.

A stick and a small hole in the garlic

This thing, which the grandmother crushes garlic, you can crush not only him, but also cherries and cherries. The wand presses the fruit, a bone flies out through the hole. Conveniently!

Bubon on hats

These funny and ridiculous elements of decorating hats for children and not only came to us from ... the French army. Previously, the French sailors sewed this misunderstanding on their hats, so that on the low decks of warships they did not beat their heads against the ceilings. This is a concern for the staff!

Special slots on the backpacks

Previously, they were needed for army or tourist backpacks: through these slots, you can thread carbines and fasten the ropes. Now it is nothing more than a banal design move.

A small cap on the knife for cutting paper

If the tip of such a knife has become blunt, it makes no sense to sharpen it; it is enough to tear it off with pliers or even manually. However, there is also a special plug for this. It can be removed, put on the blade and break off a spoiled piece. Then the stub returns to its usual place.

Arrows on jeans and trousers

This problem first arose in the 19th century, when with the development of mass manufactory, and later and factory production, a lot of clothes were created for sale for export. Before sending to other countries, clothing was pressed, which is why such arrows appeared. Get rid of them is almost impossible, and why? So they stayed.

As you can see, there are a lot of things in the world about which we didn’t even doubt about the true origin or purpose. We told only about a fraction of them. And what similar stories do you know?