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Ideas for safe storage of knives in the kitchen

Knives in the kitchen are some of the important elements that can not be avoided during cooking. From the organization of the place for their storage depends on the order in the workplace, ease of cooking, the safety of all those present in the kitchen, especially children and kitchen interior design.

Knives should be kept in close proximity to the place where they are most often used. In a large kitchen, you will most likely have to use several storage areas for tools.

If there are small children in the house, the knives should be kept out of the reach of them. For this ideal lockers equipped with a lock system.

Designers offer a variety of accessories that provide storage of knives, as well as decorate and complement the interior. In addition, properly selected storage space for kitchen utensils saves usable space.

Stands for knives are not always acceptable in interior design. Many are not satisfied with their bulkiness and instability, besides it is inconvenient to wash them. Another thing - the built-in blocks, which open access to the knives, do not slide on the tabletop and for which it is easy to care for. Of course, before inserting the knife into the opening, it should be thoroughly washed and wiped to prevent the creation of a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria.

On sale there are blocks for storing knives, which are built into wardrobes that are difficult to reach for children. Cuts in the working tabletop for knives and scissors - it is comfortable and ergonomic. This storage option provides easy access to appliances, which is important in the process of cooking. Also, the knife storage slots can be made in the wall.

Magnetized cells for storing knives fix appliances, do not allow them to fall out. Vertical storage systems are ideal for small spaces.

Nowadays, wooden blocks of different shapes, sizes, colors, which are in contrast with furniture or are combined with it, are quite popular. Glass blocks - the most original, non-trivial, with a variety of shapes and dimensions, will surely please the hostesses with a refined taste. They will easily fit into any interior design.

At the peak of popularity are magnetic boards or slats. Comfortable, with the ability to be placed on a horizontal or vertical surface, with all kinds of design, they securely hold the knives on the surface and do not hide space.

They have a number of advantages over other holders - it is hygienic, all devices are visible to the hostess, it is convenient to take knives from the hostess, during the cooking process, hands are smeared with the remnants of ingredients, space is saved on the working surface of the table top or in the drawer cabinets. Due to the fact that magnetic boards can be embedded in a wooden surface, they can be used in any interior design.

If the farm uses a large number of knives, then it makes sense to equip for them a special box with a dividing tray, for sorting appliances by size and functional purpose.