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Before and after: transformations continue

Home - this is a place where the warm, cozy and tasty smell of fresh bread. Every person’s home is associated with sincere feelings and the brightest aspirations, including development and creation. But it is important to remember that the place where we live will protect and take care of us only if we treat it properly. Look around, probably in your house there is something that can be repaired or replaced, renewed or simply relocated to another place, in order to take care.

If you have not decided for a long time to start or complete repairs in one of the rooms, then perhaps it is now that the time has come for him to then calmly and with confidence meet the upcoming New Year. We again prepared a selection of the best examples of reincarnations of interiors, in the hope that they would help to cope with the task.

Before and after: successful repair

  • Example 1

In a modern interior, a desk-bureau made of wood sometimes looks too heavy, therefore, many are in a hurry to get rid of it. But this should not be done, because if you work a little on the appearance, then such furniture can be useful in any room where you need to arrange the workplace.

The old bureau table is no longer recognizable, due to the fact that the owners decided to repaint it in light gray and white colors, and also to completely remove the top cover-case. Now the bureau can be used as a mini-office, a desk in the nursery, or a workplace for needlework.

  • Example 2

This spacious living room with large windows, in which the ceiling is decorated with decorative beams, could be decorated in a Mediterranean style. An important role, in this case, would play a pseudo fireplace, however, it was decided to go a little different way, and what came out of it, see below.

A stylish room filled with different textures, but sustained in soft natural tones, impresses with the naturalness and non-fake elegance of each item used in the setting. It is this impression that creates the interior of this living room, for which eclectic style was chosen - a particularly popular trend in design today.

Notice how successful is the combination of simple forms of furniture (sofa, armchairs) with objects of subtle elegant silhouettes (tables, footstools, lamps).

  • Example 3

The black ceiling in the bedroom is a bold, but not always justified method, all the more so as additional room crushing elements are used in the room. So, the height of the room is reduced by curbs, the need for which is rather doubtful here, and the dark furniture makes the situation heavier.

As a result of the transformation, the bedroom looks light and bright, despite the same black ceiling with beams. The fact is that the walls were repainted in a light gray tint, and they got rid of the curbs at all. The dark hold was also moved to another place, but the main transformation was the built-in wardrobe, which we managed to create here thanks to the fact that a fairly spacious bathroom adjoins the room.

  • Example 4

The attached wooden chair - the floorman is a very interesting subject, with this you can experiment, choosing different colors and styles for its design.

For example, you can repaint the frame in a dark graphite shade, and for the shelves to choose a white matte paint. Such an embodiment of an ordinary object makes it not ordinary, but a very stylish object for a modern interior.

  • Example 5

When looking at this small attic, the walls and ceiling in which are sheathed with plastic, imitating wood, many people do not understand what and how to change here to make the room residential.

Immediately it should be noted that the artificially created ceiling, which previously reduced the height of the ceiling, was dismantled. The walls are again sheathed with wooden planks, later painted white. In such a bright and clean environment, the owners decided to equip the bedroom, and I must say - it turned out to be simple, but at the same time magic.

  • Example 6

The kitchen in this large mansion is the same overall, functional and still in excellent condition. However, the design style has long been outdated, so the work on the interior was entrusted to experts in the field of current design.

If you do not know what to wear - choose red, but if you are not sure about the color scheme of the interior - make a choice in favor of shades of white, so this color is universal. The kitchen has completely changed, and the matter is not only in the planning, but also in the style of execution of this interior.

The laconic forms of furniture, elegant fittings and built-in appliances, hidden behind the snow-white facades - this is how a stylish and beautiful kitchen looks

  • Example 7

Another example of a kitchen interior that has lost its relevance and freshness. The atmosphere is perceived as boring, and furniture and appliances make the space heavier. Also, the combination of gray-deep color of the walls and warm wood color is very doubtful here, so the visual "chaos" is obvious.

We see a completely different interior in the photo below, which combines different shades of blue with wooden and shimmering elements. The feeling of lightness and aesthetics is reinforced by silver household appliances and white work surfaces. Definitely, the kitchen has come to life again, has become comfortable, stylish and very beautiful.

Transformations of objects and interiors of different rooms

  • Example 1

At first glance it is clear that this kitchen is very popular, and every day the hostess in it prepares dishes for a large family. However, the equipped kitchen space is unsuccessful, therefore it is not comfortable to prepare food in it. First of all, there is not enough light and, even with many cabinets, kitchen utensils occupy almost all free surfaces.

After repair, the kitchen has undergone significant changes and has become more functional, bright and beautiful. To achieve such an effect it turned out thanks to the built-in furniture design with a restrained form of white facades, behind which everything needed was conveniently arranged. In general, not only the furniture was replaced, but also in the kitchen now new appliances and veneers in white and different shades of gray.

  • Example 2

In such a seemingly quite small and narrow room, it is impossible to equip a comfortable bedroom. But the owners found a way out, competently approaching the issue of room zoning.

Immediately it should be noted how much better the room began to look, thanks to the painting of the walls and the ceiling in a natural white color. Then, pay attention to the placement of the furniture. A bed perpendicular to the entrance door was placed near the window, and a storage area (chest of drawers and a shelf) was arranged opposite the wall opposite. Also, there was a place for the working area, which is located not far from the entrance to the bedroom. The result was a bright, cozy and comfortable room with all the necessary furniture.

  • Example 3

Object design is a separate independent topic, which attracts by the fact that there are almost no restrictions. So, for example, this antique chair could gather dust under a pile of books in a library or closet, but suddenly found a new interesting life in the living room.

The paint color and the texture of the upholstery indicate that the chair is now settled in the girl's room or dressing room. This item now can not leave anyone indifferent, and all because it just painted in pastel pink, and replaced the old upholstery new, faux fur. It turned out extraordinary and very fresh, try it and you look at the old wooden furniture in a new way.

  • Example 4

It is not often necessary to observe the reincarnation of a spacious bathroom, which, moreover, has two large windows. Nevertheless, this room in a private house occupies a bathroom, and this is how the owners of the mansion see it.

The saturated cobalt color of the walls in combination with the snow-white and shades of wood is the basis of the embodied image of this bathroom, aristocratic but cozy. The room seems taller, thanks to the upper part of the walls, painted in the color of the ceiling, and decorative narrow beams. A free-standing bathtub in black and shutters on the windows instead of curtains is another remarkable detail of this successful interior, thoughtful, concise, with taste.

  • Example 5

If you ever see a similar object, look closely: a natural wood frame and a retro silhouette are worth a short time to become a restorer.

Well, if you get these chairs in doubles, then with their help you can complement the interior with a current trend - items in retro style. To do this, it is only necessary to replace the soft filler (foam rubber) and choose upholstery (for example, mat, tweed).

  • Example 6

A walk-through kitchen of small size is quite common in modern apartments, and the same questions arise about how best to arrange it.

First of all, the homeowners decided to demolish the small walls, which visually separated the kitchen from the main room. Then, the choice was made in favor of the built-in technology, built into the body of ergonomic and functional furniture. In her hanging cabinets are hidden not only kitchen utensils, but also communications.

  • Example 7

Light and rustic bedroom in the attic room can belong to the owners of the house, or used as a guest. But in our opinion, she lacks a certain detail that can complete the charming image.

The area under the ceiling was previously perceived as empty, and required additions. After mounting the eaves with decorative strips of wood, and further hanging on it light tulle, the bedroom interior sounded more convincing.