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Obuvnitsa - 60 shop and homemade ideas

Curbstones for shoes, shoes and galoshnitsy - this is now the most sought-after piece of furniture for the living room or hallway. Indeed, thanks to such furniture you can ensure the cleanliness and order in the house.

There is an opinion that the history of galoshnits went from the Indians who used galoshes as protection against rain - this, by the way, is one of the versions of the origin of galoshes - they also invented a stand for them to keep the galoshes safe.

Obuvnitsa - shoes are always ready for your release

Winter and summer, spring and demi-season shoes must have a specific place and be stored accordingly. These cabinets for shoes are an excellent piece of interior hallway, and also allow you to conveniently place shoes on the shelves of the cabinet.

Shoes covers will be very useful to those families that have three or more of its members. Adult and children's shoes will be able to comfortably sit on the shelves with a slope where the shoes will perfectly remain and be able to dry out.

Obuvnitsa in the interior

To date, you can choose the most suitable shoebox, which will be in harmony with your hallway and its decoration. As you know, the entrance hall in the apartment is often not as large as we would like, that is why everything should be clearly calculated when installing the necessary furniture.

You can order a shoebox on an individual project that fits into the interior of your room.

It is also interesting that some manufacturers of this furniture share the concept of shoemaker and galoshnitsa. Now, in city apartments and houses you can find these pedestals for shoes, which stand separately from each other and are intended for their own purposes - shoemaker for all types of shoes, galoshnitsya - for galoshes, which can ideally be located on the shelves of the cabinet and have the opportunity to dry out after the rain, without soiling around anything.

A wide variety of shapes and designs of obuvnits and galoshnits will be able to satisfy the tastes of even the most picky buyers. Shelves can be made in the form of ordinary bedside tables, which are equipped with special sliding shelves with a slanting slant for easy storage of shoes.

You can also find more modern and original shoe cabinets, which consist of many shelves and drawers for storing children's shoes, adult shoes, and also separate winter and autumn shoes.

For real originals, manufacturers can offer stylish wrought iron benches for the hallway, under the bottom of which there is a shelf for shoes, which is very convenient.

Choosing a shoe for home

Shoe cabinets are open and closed, they can be made from materials such as MDF, fiberboard, particleboard. Nowadays, MDF has become the most durable and suitable material.

Shelves differ in high workmanship and usability. These elegant shelves can hold all your shoes and make room on the floor. You no longer have to look for a place to store shoes in wardrobe closets and sofas, as well as in dusty closets - galoshnitsa or obuvnitsa perfectly solve this problem.

Universal folding shelves will allow you at any time to find the right pair of shoes. In addition, you can purchase a shoebox that blends harmoniously into the interior of the hallway.