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Home gallery: 17 inspirational examples, placement of paintings, photographs and posters in the interior

You can not just take and hang a picture or a photo on the wall. Here you need to choose the right place, and choose the right frame, you need to do a lot of other things. If there is no special knowledge or a keen sense of beauty, then it may turn out quite differently. Therefore, we look at the new review and absorb knowledge.

1. Clothespins

Pictures on clothespins.

The pictures attached by clothespins to a clothesline look very original and stylish. This way of placing photos is also good because you can hang a lot of photos and not too much damage the wall. In addition, photographs on the ropes can be easily and quickly changed.

2. On the floor

Large paintings on the floor.

The easiest way to place the paintings in the room - put them on the floor against the wall. For this decor is best suited for large paintings in plain plain frames. This idea of ​​placing canvases is universal and suitable for both spacious rooms and small rooms.

3. Binders

Posters and pictures on the binder.

Instead of traditional frames for photos and posters, you can use binders. Such a mount looks simple and stylish, but it does not distract attention from the images.

4. In the pictures

The pictures in the pictures.

On each picture in the frame, hanging on the wall, you can put another picture without a frame. Such a mix on the wall looks very creative, fresh and does not weigh down the interior.

5. On the branch

Pictures on the branch.

You can decorate the boring wall of the room with the help of small photographs attached to a branch or a broken snare with ropes, fishing line or threads.

6. Tablets

Pictures on tablets for paper.

Attach pictures, pictures, magazine clips, notes and postcards to tablets for paper attached to the wall. Such tablets will be a wonderful decoration of the working area.

7. Shelf

Pictures on the shelf.

The narrow shelf above the bed is a great place to put pictures and family photos. Best of all on such a shelf will look black and white images in concise monochromatic frames.

8. Grate

Pictures on the grid.

Favorite photos, postcards and small pictures can be placed on a small wire grid. And so that the grille does not spoil the wall, use hooks with velcro instead of nails and screws.

9. Hangers

Pictures on hangers.

Use hangers with clips to place pictures on the wall and bright motivating posters.

10. Quantity

A large number of paintings.

Empty cabinet and console can be decorated with many paintings in the framework. So that such a composition does not look dull and monotonous, arrange the canvases tightly so that they overlap each other.

11. Bookcase

Pictures on the bookcase.

You can hang pictures not only on the walls, but also on the shelves and partitions of bookcases.

12. At the corner

The pictures on the corner.

Pictures in the center - look pretty simple and trite. Instead, you should try to hang the pictures on the corner. Such an idea will help to revive, as a rule, the dead space of the room and emphasize the volume of the room.

13. Window frames

The paintings on the window frames.

Replace the boring curtains with paintings hung on the window frames. Of course, for such decor you should not use expensive canvases, it is better to give preference to abstract drawings or neutral posters. This idea will make the interior bright and truly unique.

14. Frames

Pictures in black and white frames.

Pictures in black and white frames, arranged on narrow shelves will emphasize the elegance and elegance of the room.

15. Molding

Paintings on the molding.

Original paintings can be hung along the wall with the help of moldings and ropes. This idea can be implemented in the living room. In addition, this solution will help to hide the flaws on the walls.

16. Picture gallery

Picture gallery.

The boring walls of the narrow corridor is the best place to put pictures. And to make the space look stylish and harmonious, combine bright posters with black and white pictures.

17. Clips for curtains

Pictures on clips.

A wall decorated with thin ropes with polaroid pictures attached to them with clips for curtains will become a real highlight of the room.

18. General frame

Pictures in one frame.

A beautiful frame with lots of pictures is a charming way to decorate one of the bedroom walls and a non-standard idea of ​​placing your favorite photos.