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Original carpeting: 20 delightful ways to create a cozy atmosphere in the room

Original carpeting: 20 delightful ways to create a cozy atmosphere in the room

To the attention of readers a new review in which two dozens of amazing tips were collected on how to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the house with the help of carpets.

In such a house will be a pleasure, and most importantly, it can be a good rest!

1. Universal solution for the bedroom

Properly selected carpet will create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room.

2. Short nap carpet

A short-pile semi-synthetic carpet is a great solution for a bright space near the stairs.

3. Neutral color

Carpet neutral shades in the modern interior hallway.

4. Single-level light carpet

Light carpet with a curly pile, which is in perfect harmony with the interior of the children's room.

5. Strict forms and lines

Exclusive multi-level carpet with loops of different lengths.

6. Blue Carpet

Loops of a multi-level carpet have different heights, which allows you to create three-dimensional ornaments and patterns.

7. Round carpet

Round sibling carpet with uncut loops of the same length.

8. Carpet with the image of the queen

Exclusive handmade carpet for real aristocrats.

9. Bright accent

Bright multi-level carpet - an unusual and bold decision.

10. Carpet with low pile

A round single-level carpet can soften a strict classic interior.

11. Carpet product with patterns

Bright carpet product of small size and original shape can transform any interior.

12. Round carpet

Classic round shaggy carpet in a bedroom.

13. In harmony with the interior

Bright yellow carpet that fits into the interior of the room as harmoniously as possible.

14. Carpet Faux Fur

A small rug made of faux fur, which will organically look in the interior of a children's room.

15. Classic carpet

Original carpet in the stylish interior of the studio room.

16. Dark carpet in the living room

Dark carpet is a contrasting spot in the living room interior.

17. Gray color flooring

Gray carpet, which is in harmony with the palette of the walls of the room.

18. Narrow carpet for the hallway

The traditional carpet is the ideal solution for a small hallway in bright colors.

19. Carpet for children's room

Carpet with painted classics for the children's room.

20. Carpet with geometric pattern

Bright geometric carpet.