Useful ideas

26 available ideas for home bordering on genius

To make the apartment look stylish and cozy, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. Enough simple materials at hand, a little imagination and desire for change. And of course, you can peep interesting ideas for the house, which we share.

So, what can be done to make the interior cheap and tasteful.

1. Use tapes instead of rings and clips.

Window design can be revived with colored ribbons, like here. Looks fresh, airy and original.

2. Update curtains with edging

Update the curtains, without changing them, will help interesting edging. You can glue a ribbon with pompoms along the edge or sew a decorative edging with an ornament. There are many variants of such decor, everyone will find something to his taste.

3. Handpaint flower pots

If we are talking about the windows, you can think about painting the flower pots. All you need is some monochrome pots, a little paint and your imagination.

4. Draw a pattern on the lamp with a marker

A little patience and a marker that writes on different surfaces - and the modern lamp is ready.

5. To decorate the lamp with scrap materials

Hide unaesthetic leg table lamp using ordinary twigs. And the holder of the floor lamp can be decorated with natural rope.

6. Make a handmade watch

Original wall clocks in the best traditions of expensive decor stores can be made at home in a few hours. It is not as difficult as it may seem.

7. Organize a real mini-bar from the old sideboard

The era of cupboards with tons of crystal irrevocably a thing of the past. But the sideboards themselves still have many left. So why not turn your furniture into a modern home mini-bar (not necessarily alcoholic).

8. Use corner shelves

The kitchen is the part of the house where space is always critically lacking. No matter what size it is. Therefore there, where it is difficult to enter bulky cases, open shelves perfectly will approach.

9. Make an extra shelf for spices.

Places in the kitchen, as we know, are not enough, not only outside, but also in the lockers. Such a shelf can be easily built with your own hands.

10. Use cabinet doors

The internal door of the kitchen cabinet can be an excellent organizer for various trifles.

11. Attach a magazine holder

This simple shelf will help keep magazines and books on cooking at your fingertips. Usually the side of the furniture is empty. Why not make it useful?

12. Stick fabric "wallpaper" on the door

With the help of a fabric with a pattern and corn starch glue, you can decorate a boring door in an original way. Such “wallpapers” are easily removed, so when the drawing gets tired, it can be easily removed or replaced with a new one.

13. Paint the door mat in unusual colors.

The door mat can also be interesting. To do this, it is enough to paint in bright, non-standard colors.

14. Make a bath mat from natural materials.

Cork is an excellent natural material that dries quickly and retains heat well. It is pleasant to step on such a rug with bare feet. And its creation from wine corks will surely make you remember many good moments.

15. Hang a wall panel

A great option for decorating an empty wall can be various cute things like old postcards. Wine corks, by the way, also fit. In addition, cork panels can be used as a wall-mounted organizer for photos or notes.

16. To arrange a photo exhibition

Photo albums are a good thing, but you want to admire some pictures all the time. Photos can be a great interior decoration, if properly designed.

17. Add color accent to the door

This idea is ideal for cases when you want to revive the interior a bit, but there is no possibility to change something radically. Such a focus can be cranked even in a rented apartment, in the end, you can always return it as it was.

18. Paint the old linoleum

Because of the old linoleum in the kitchen or in the bathroom, even the pretty interior often looks untidy and cheap. Modern acrylic paint will come to the rescue. Coloring can be very diverse.

19. Turn the desktop shelf in the wall

Often on the table there is not enough space to store different things. In this case, the table shelf can be easily turned into a wall, and folding. It will not only allow you to organize the space, but also decorate it.

20. To decorate coat hanger for clothes

Great idea if you use open hangers for clothes. But even if things hang in a closed cabinet, still such hangers will delight you every time you take them in your hands.

21. Take an empty corner with a thin bookcase.

Such small corners, in which nothing fits, are often found in the corridors. The wardrobe is quite simple and is made from inexpensive materials.

22. Make an apron for the kitchen from the card

Apron for the kitchen wall can be made literally from anything. In fact, you can use anything: decoupage paper, patterned napkins, old magazines. In addition, you will need thin plywood, glue and fixing varnish.

23. Hang the picture smoothly with paper and tape

To accurately hang the pictures on the wall, you can make a layout of the future composition of plain paper.

24. Use schemes for pictures

It is important to hang pictures not only smoothly, but also correctly. Then the wall will not look like a collection of disparate images, but as a whole.

25. Lay the carpet properly

Proper arrangement of the carpet will add to the interior appeal. To do this, sometimes it is enough to move the furniture a little, if it is set wide apart. By the way, the room will look bigger if you decorate it with a single-color, dull carpet without volume patterns.

26. Make a drawer shelf behind the fridge.

The space behind the refrigerator or stove can be used properly, if you make it a retractable shelf. Of course, this is not the easiest idea, but the result will please for a long time.