Useful ideas

12 simple life hacking, which will help make the food even tastier

It makes no difference whether you are a beginning cook or an experienced hostess, you still cannot keep all the recipes in your head. Moreover, having found a suitable recipe for a dish, it is not always clear in what sequence to put the necessary ingredients, how to cut them correctly and in what form is best served. Also, hardly anyone will refuse a portion of useful culinary tips and secrets that will open the eyes to many things.

Give a beautiful color to the dough

If you want to give the dough a nice brown hue, try adding some strong black tea. This will slightly change the color of the dough and make baking it more rosy.

Properly heat the pizza

Over time, eat a big pizza is not always obtained. Often we leave the remnants of the next day, heat them in the microwave and get frustrated when we take out an incomprehensible mush from dough and filling. The fact is that pizza should not be heated in a microwave oven, but in a frying pan over moderate heat, covered with foil. Be sure to leave a small hole, so that excessive steam comes out and the pizza gets a crisp.

Use frozen wine when cooking

If you opened a bottle of wine, but did not have time to drink everything, do not rush to pour the leftovers into the sink. Wine can be frozen in ice tins and used in the preparation of various sauces for meat, soups and main dishes. This will give the dishes a light flavor and change the taste.

Cooking the perfect porridge

If you are a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, then surely almost every morning begins with a plate of delicious cereal, such as manna. To make it without lumps, before cooking porridge, grits should be calcined in a frying pan until it is golden in color.

Soften the taste of coffee

To soften the taste of coffee, to give it a creamy aroma and tenderness, add a very small piece of butter to the Turk about a minute before readiness.

Fry eggplants with a minimum amount of butter

In order for the eggplants to absorb less oil when frying, you first need to bake them in the oven or microwave oven, and only then you can fry in a well heated pan with a small amount of oil. It is better not to put eggplants on the plate, but first on a paper towel, which also absorbs excess oil.

Cooking broth, meat and vegetables

Meat broth will be more nutritious if meat is put in a pan when the water is still cold. If the meat is served on the second course, then it should be put in the pan, when the water is already boiling. The broth turns out less rich, but the meat remains juicy and tasty.

If you want to get delicious vegetables when cooking, you need to immerse them in water after the water boils. If you want the broth to be tasty, you need to start cooking vegetables in cold water.

Give the golden color of carrots and onions

In order for onions and carrots to browse faster and acquire an amazing golden crust, sprinkle them with a pinch of sugar. If one onion is fried, then to get a golden color, you can sprinkle it with a small amount of flour.

Replacing mayonnaise with sour cream

If mayonnaise is urgently needed, and at home there is only sour cream, you can easily, simply and quickly replace it. To do this, add crushed yolk to sour cream and 1 teaspoon of mustard, mix well.

Cook rice and pasta

To prevent rice or pasta from sticking together during cooking, add a little sunflower or olive oil to the water or pour in cold water in the colander after cooking.

Making a ruddy crust in meat

In order for meat baked in the oven to acquire a ruddy crust, brush it with pomegranate juice and honey, mixed with dry wine, brandy or water.

Making hard meat soft

Hard meat will become softer if you add banana peel to broth while cooking.

Replacing breadcrumbs

Use ground nuts instead of breadcrumbs. It is both tasty and healthy!