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Summer in detail: 25 examples of beautiful and stylish decor for each room

There are items that set a certain mood in the interior and make it exceptional. How to choose them correctly and how to decorate the space in the summer time? We found interesting and original solutions that you should definitely take note of!

Flower arrangements

Flower arrangements

Flowers are the greatest helpers in the design of the summer interior. they allow you to constantly change the appearance of space, revive it and fill it with bright accents. If it seems that just a bouquet in a vase is trite and not original, then you should think about the creative variations of the familiar decor. For example, instead of a conventional vase, use a transparent vessel filled with water and lemons, or put the vase in a wicker basket and hang it on a hook. You can experiment with the color of water (it is easy to paint with food dyes), with the arrangement of colors (put several colors in transparent jars) and with a combination of the plants themselves.

Unusual flower arrangement

Limes as decor

Floral decor

Beautiful indoor plants

Sea motives

Sea motives

Marine motifs are considered traditional for summer interiors. Elements in this category can decorate at least one of the rooms, for example, a bathroom or a living room. This could be a wall panel depicting the sea, decorative pillows with shells prints, and supports for decorative rope cups. Even a small tray with shells can create a warm summer mood in the interior.

Decorative pillows with sea prints

Unusual coasters

An interesting solution for the summer interior

Panel for the summer interior

Wall decor

Laconic and stylish

In most cases, you can do without wall decoration, but it gives a special zest to the interior. Sometimes a picture or photo with a panoramic image can visually change the space and give it a perspective. If you want to unusual decorate the interior, you can print family photos from vacation and decorate the entrance door to one of the rooms. This will significantly raise the degree of mood of each family member!

Laconic summer interior

Unusual summer decor

Pleasant summer interior

Bright carpet

Bright carpet

Designers recommend changing carpets every season and having a few different options in stock - thick winter and light summer. For the warm season, you need to choose practical models that are easy to wash or wash. And, of course, the bright carpet has every chance to become a bright accent and fill the interior with color.

Carpet as a bright accent

Bed and pillows

Stylish summer bed

With the arrival of the new season, it is worth updating the textiles - towels in the kitchen and bathroom, curtains in the bedroom, decorative pillows in the living room, and also not to forget about the beautiful bedding. The interior will look much nicer and better with a light and light decor.

Beautiful summer interior

Stylish summer pillows

Summer bedroom interior

Linen set for summer interior

Summer shades

Summer shades in the interior

What colors should be paid when designing the summer interior? First of all, these are all shades of blue and green. Refreshing look turquoise, green, pale peach, purple hues. You can complement them with juicy patches of blue, green, yellow, crimson and orange.

Bright chairs in the kitchen

Refreshing bathroom interior

Stylish summer decor