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Solution rag issue in the kitchen

The hostesses are always looking for a place for convenient and not too noticeable storage of rags for washing the floor and dishes.

Our grandmothers often used homemade rags from old clothes that were reusable and served for months, which had a peculiar smell. They were stored in the sink, and under the sink, and on the countertop, and it looked very unaesthetic. Today, no one uses a sponge for a long time, but it is still difficult to find a convenient place to store it. Consider some simple and functional solutions.

New materials

Pay attention to the range of sections "Home goods", they are in most supermarkets. Technologists and designers are working on the creation of modern rags. It is not a shame to leave such a rag in sight, folded in half, quadrupled or rolled up. At the base is a microfiber cloth or a semi-synthetic non-woven fabric. Due to the special properties of the cloth, the cloth easily removes dirt, leaves no streaks, dries quickly.

Rag in roll

If you do not like to constantly dry a sponge or a rag, use disposable wipes..They are made of nonwoven fabric and are sold in perforated rolls (it is convenient to tear off). Such rolls can be stored in the closet.

I have been using these napkins in the country for a long time. Before washing the dishes, I tear off a new one, first wash the cups and plates, then the pots, after wiping the table and work surfaces, at the end I clean the grease pans and throw the used material into the bin. Now such a roll costs about 200 rubles, it lasts for more than two summer seasons.

Hold me

In the immediate vicinity of the sink, you can hang or put all kinds of holders. When ordering kitchen furniture, consider the appropriate equipment: for example, a section with a railing or other holder and a plastic container, in the walls and bottom of which there are openings for ventilation.

Special narrow pull-out compartment with cleaning products should be located near the sink.

Retractable section is more convenient stationary, as it gives a complete overview of the contents.

Some models of kitchens, especially custom-made, can be supplemented, for example, with a special folding shelf for sponges and rags.

New solution for old kitchen

The available kitchen furniture can be improved: attach a similar section to the inside of the cabinet door under the sink. To do this, you will need a screwdriver and a plastic, wooden or metal container that is suitable in size. You can even use a plastic mold from fruit or dairy products with holes at the bottom.

Tip: Rags dry well on the horizontal sections of pipes, if they are under the sink.

High level

If you store rags above eye level, no one will notice them. The closer to the ceiling, the warmer, respectively, the matter will dry quickly.

For sponges and rags, an open and deep top shelf or top of a wall-mounted cabinet will do if growth allows you to reach. An important point: you will need to make a stand with airing. Drying will provide a soap dish with a pallet or, for example, a piece of plastic mat with high pile.

Metal holder for kitchen cloth

A special holder with a suction cup allows you to dry the cloth in a convenient place.

Big pocket

All kinds of hinged modules with pockets and shelves can also be used to store accessories for cleaning. Such a module is placed or hung near the sink at the time of cleaning, and after its completion is removed in the closet.

Behind the glass

A variety of cleaning brushes and sponges can be folded into glass containers.

Color therapy

Unfortunately, they have not yet invented a chameleon rag that takes on the color of their surroundings. Such a product would definitely solve storage problems both in the sink and on the table.
But there is a little trick: in a bright and colorful kitchen a modest rag is not so noticeable. Unless, of course, the colorful setting you like.

Bath day

In the bathroom under the sink, be it a tulip, a moydodyr, or an ascetic sink on the countertop, there is usually room for rag storage, and the problem is not as acute as in the kitchen.

Under the flat and open worktop, you can place the railing, hooks, a shelf or a small heated towel rail connected to the DHW system. Then rags will dry quickly in winter and summer.