Useful ideas

Cool ideas for perfect order in every room

In order to always have an ideal order in each of the rooms, it is necessary to make the storage of things as convenient and easy to use as possible.

But how to achieve this, where to start, and which storage system is most suitable for the kitchen, and which for the bathroom?

We found a lot of useful and really cool ideas!

Order in the bedroom

Need to maximize the use of space around the window

Most often, the owners of small bedrooms face the problem of storing a wardrobe. There are several ways to go:

• Fold things in the draw-out drawers and hide them under the bed;
• Make a custom storage system by the window, which will help maximize the use of space;
• To organize an open wardrobe without a wardrobe, for aesthetics it can be covered with a light curtain.

Open wardrobe in the bedroom

Original storage

Order in the living room

Storage system for living room

The interior of the living room should be neat and attractive. After all, it is here that guests are received, who then lay down a general idea of ​​the apartment and its owners. Here are not superfluous to open shelving and modular furniture. In open spaces, such storage systems as decorative boxes will look good. They can also act as color accents.

Wardrobe order

The interior of the dressing room should be bright.

For decoration of a small dressing room is to choose light shades. In addition, in such a room should be good lighting and excellent ventilation. So that things are always in order, then you just can not do without open-floor plastic containers, rods for hangers and small hooks.

Dressing room in a small apartment

Ergonomic storage

Order in the kitchen

Storage of plates in the kitchen

Every hostess dreams of the perfect order in the kitchen. You can achieve it with the help of small assistants - all kinds of stands, dishwashers, organizers and roof rails. In a small kitchen should not hide pots and pans in the closet. They will be an excellent decoration of the space, if you hang them on metal hooks.

Stylish rails

Storing pots and pans in a small kitchen

Pantry order

Open shelves in the pantry

When the apartment has a pantry, it greatly facilitates the life of the hostess. But this small room also needs to be properly arranged and well organized in it storage systems. For example, place open shelves along the perimeter of the walls, and put cans and containers with products on them. To save space, cereals, flour and sugar can be poured from packages into glass jars.

Each bank has its own place

Stylish pantry

Order in the hallway

Order in the hallway

Hallway - front room, which introduces guests to the apartment. In this small room it is best to put a multifunctional piece of furniture that will immediately serve as banquettes, hangers and storage systems for shoes.

Stylish storage systems

Seasonal shoe storage

Hidden shoe storage

Great idea for the hallway

Multifunctional piece of furniture

Order in the nursery

Order in the nursery

In the nursery, it is generally difficult to achieve order, but it is still possible if you come up with interesting baskets for your baby or chests where he will willingly fold toys. These can be plastic containers, wicker baskets or wooden boxes. The main thing is that the furniture does not have a specific smell, was carefully made and painted with acrylic-free acrylic paints.

Storage systems for children

Cabinet order

Cabinet order

The simpler and simpler everything in your home office, the better. Here, nothing should distract from work and everything should be in their places.

Order in the bathroom

Order in the bathroom

In the bathroom, it is important to organize the storage of all sorts of small things. For example, shampoos and gels can be put on an open corner mini-rack, sponges and scourers hang on hooks, and hairbrushes, brushes and paste spread on laconic cups.

Storage in a small bathroom

Interesting idea for a balcony

If you remove all unnecessary from the balcony and clear it, you can organize a barbecue area here. Today, even produce special small grills, which are safe to use even in the apartment. Picnic without leaving home!

Interesting idea for a balcony