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17 simple tips to help sort things and clean up the closet

17 simple tips to help sort things and clean up the closet

In the new review, the author has collected almost two dozen incredibly simple and at the same time useful tips that will help bring order to the closet.

Perhaps every person at least once faced with the fact that in the closet going on this hell.

The recommendations collected here will help to change this.

1. Clean the cabinet

Completely empty cabinet.

First you need to clear the space, that is, pull out of the closet all your clothes, shoes, bags, underwear, boxes and other treasures stored in its depths. All these things need to be laid out on a bed or on the floor so that you can see all your riches well. An empty cupboard needs to be washed and its doors open.

2. We're going through the wardrobe

Sort clothes.

Next, look at your clothes. As you go through your clothes, ask yourself questions: is this thing right for me? Did I put it on at least once in the past year? Am I going to wear this soon? If I saw her in the store now, would I buy her again? If you answered most of the questions in the negative - this thing is no longer a place in your wardrobe. In addition, get rid of worn items, sprawling sweaters, tights with arrows, lonely socks and other things that have long been just taking up space in the closet.

3. Natural selection

Experiment with clothes.

Hang the clothes on the hangers so that their hooks look to one side. Wearing a thing once, turn the hanger in the other direction. About a month later you will be able to look in the closet and assess what clothes you wear and which ones you can put in the closet, or donate at all, or sell to someone. The same can be done with clothes on the shelves. To do this, leave one shelf free and put on it every thing after socks.

4. Marking

Marking clothes in the closet.

Sort cabinet contents using cardboard or plastic dividers. In this way, it is possible to divide clothing according to season and purpose. This advice will allow you to restore and maintain order in the closet, as well as save time on finding the right outfit.

5. We paint coat hanger

We paint hangers in different colors.

Another way to sort clothes is to use colored hangers. For example, office outfits can be hung on hangers in green, casual clothes in blue, and evening dresses and suits in pink.

6. Add a second bar

Additional bar for hangers.

When buying a new cabinet, first of all, pay attention to its height and choose the highest one you can afford. Also increase the spaciousness of any closet will help the second rod for hangers. Then on the top bar it will be possible to place dresses, suits, jackets and blouses, and on the underskirt, jeans and sweaters.

7. We buy wall shelves

Additional shelves in the closet.

Significantly increase the capacity of a small cabinet will help hinged shelves. Most often, these shelves are mounted, as well as ordinary hangers and are suitable for storing a variety of things, ranging from jackets to handbags.

8. Suspend the boots

Storage of boots in the closet.

So that high winter boots do not take up much space and do not hesitate in boxes, store them in a suspended state on a separate rod or railing, bolted at the bottom of the cabinet. For fixing the boots, metal hangers with clothespins are best suited.

9. Hang bras

Storage bras.

A bra is an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of any adult girl. Place an impressive collection of bras can be on ordinary hangers, attached to the door of the closet or wardrobe. This trick will always have the right model at hand and in plain sight.

10. Floor hanger

Use floor hangers.

In addition to the wardrobe, it would be nice to get an original floor coat hanger, which can be purchased or even made with your own hands. This coat hanger can be used to store the scarves, hats, bags and clothes that you have prepared, for example, the next day.

11. We pack seasonal clothes

Storage of seasonal clothing.

Do not forget to wash and fold clothes depending on the time of year. This will keep it clean and tidy until needed again. Ideally, such clothes should be removed from the closet, folded in plastic bags with a lock. If this is not possible, take one shelf in the closet for storing seasonal clothing packed in airtight bags.

12. Buy cheap baskets

Storage of trifles in baskets.

Buy cheap wire or plastic containers at the hardware store and use them to store scarves, hats, socks, bags or gloves. Such baskets can be attached to one of the outer walls of the cabinet or to the door so that frequently used things are always at hand.

13. Make an organizer for underwear

Organizer for storing underwear.

Special organizers, which can be purchased or made with your own hands, will help to clean up the lockers with underwear, socks and tights by dividing the drawers into cells using cardboard strips or sleeves. This trick will significantly save space in the drawer cabinets and always keep them in order.

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14. Use shoe boxes

Keep things in shoeboxes.

Empty shoeboxes can be used wisely for storing documents, books, not-too-voluminous seasonal items, accessories, scarves, gloves, and other small items that often do not have enough shelf space. For convenience, the boxes can be marked and stored at the bottom of the cabinet, under the bed or in any other secluded place.

15. Fasten hooks

Hooks on the side of the cabinet.

Attach a few ordinary hooks to the free wall of the cabinet and use them to store bags, headgear, or clothes made from the evening to the next day. By the way, a few hooks can be hung inside the cabinet.

16. Use pendant organizers

Hanging organizer for storing clothes.

A hanging organizer, which can be bought at a hardware store, will help unload lockers of a small cabinet or dresser. You can place such an organizer on the closet door or on one of its outer walls and use it for storing underwear, socks and tights.

17. Get rid of unpleasant odors

Fighting odors in the closet.

To prevent unpleasant odors in your closet, make it a rule to wash it and air it at least twice a year. In addition, it is not necessary to put things in the closet, dressed several times. And in order that in the closet always smelled of cleanliness, freshness and the mole did not start, lay out on the shelves a few remnants wrapped in any unnecessary fabric.

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