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Bathroom plants

Bathroom - this is the place in the house where you want to relax and be yourself. The desire to arrange the bathroom plants is quite natural. The main thing - to choose and arrange the flowers in the bathroom with natural light or without a window.

But can plants survive in the bathroom, where it is usually hot, dark and humid? The answer is quite simple - they can. There are many plants that, on the contrary, need such conditions. These include almost all tropical species. Flowering plants have high decorative qualities. No interior will look harmonious and complete without the presence of indoor plants. Placing them in the bathroom, you take care not only of beauty, but also about your health.

It is important to choose the right plants for the bathroom, to create conditions for increased comfort with low light and high humidity.

Flowers fill the room with energy and transform it in an amazing way. Plants produce oxygen, absorb harmful fumes, regulate indoor humidity and much more. If you want to turn your bathroom into a real haven of relaxation, first arrange your bathroom properly.

Having a window will help create a special atmosphere in the bathroom.

What conditions need to be created for indoor plants in the bathroom?

Since many bathrooms have no windows, you need to think about the right lighting. For this purpose, fluorescent lamps or special fitolamps are perfectly suitable (they emit light with the desired frequency and will be more able to compensate for the solar lighting). It is important to remember that the more plants are in the bathroom, the more powerful the lamps should be.

Regardless of the type of lighting, some flowers cannot survive even under an electric lamp. Below we will tell you which plants are suitable for a bathroom without windows.

Do not forget about the humidity in the room. It should pick up plants that will feel good in a warm moist environment. Here, many are faced with a problem, since most moisture-loving plants are light-loving. Because of this, they cannot be placed in the bathroom.

Zamioculcas will feel good in the bathroom without natural light.

Which indoor plants are ideal for a bathroom?

The following types of indoor plants will serve as an excellent decoration for any dark bathroom. They will transform the room and make it more attractive. These plants are also suitable for novice gardeners, since they practically do not require special care.

Add a bit of nature to your bathroom


Zamioculcas is the ideal plant for any bath. It is quite a thermophilic plant that can exist even in the dimmest corners of the room. Zamioculcas is a very plastic and non-attractive plant that suits any soil. Another advantage of this exotic African species is its spectacular appearance.

Beautiful and evergreen plant in the interior of the bathroom

Zamiokulkas plant originally from Africa. In Europe, was brought in the early 19th century. In a relatively short time, he became the favorite of phyto designers and a frequent room guest. Zamioculcas is able to store water in the stem, leaves and fleshy roots.

The plant adapts well enough to any light conditions and does not require frequent watering. Therefore, the climate of the bathroom is perfect for zamiokulkasa and he will delight you every day for a long time.

The appearance of the spathiphyllum will give the room a special appeal.


Spathiphyllum is one of the popular perennials. Homeland plants - the tropics of America and East Asia. In Europe, the spathiphyllum appeared in 1870.

Spathiphyllum perfectly take root in the bathroom. The plant is absolutely not picky about lighting and will feel great even in partial shade. The most important thing is maintaining humidity in the room. The flower must be sprayed twice a day or placed in a container with wet expanded clay.

Inflorescence itself looks like an arrowhead, and around the ear is a bright "sail". It is also worth noting the leaves of spathiphyllum, which can reach 20 cm in length and have a bright green color with emerald sheen.

Spathiphyllum miraculously refreshes your interior and fills the room with a pleasant aroma thanks to its flowers.


The homeland of this evergreen is East Asia. One of the most popular domestic plants of the lily family. Also, this plant is known under the name "Teschin tongue", and in Europe it used to be called the shoemaker's palm.

The aspidistra will perfectly fit into an interior of any bathroom

Aspidistra - the best plant for dark corners of the apartment. It does not suffer from oversupply or lack of moisture, so in the bathroom the plant will be comfortable in any case. If you want to decorate the room, aspidistra is a wonderful and sometimes the only choice. As a houseplant, only one species is grown - Aspidistra high.

Furnish a lively green corner in the bathroom

Depending on the variety, the leaves of the plant can be from 40 to 70 cm long. This is a decorative form that has leaves with creamy yellow or white longitudinal stripes. Aspidistra blooms very rarely and only one day.

If the overall capacity of your bathroom is limited - do not despair. Even one small plant can change the bathroom and your mood for the better!