Useful ideas

Elementary ways to transform the interior, not splurging on trips to designer stores

Autumn time is a time when you want to add more fun and brightness to life.

The key to a good mood may well be a beautiful and positive environment.

Renewing the interior of the house is possible without much effort - a few creative and simple ideas can transform any room.

1. An ordinary shelf is also an art.

Beauty is in the details.

You can transform the walls with the help of an unusual shelf. If it is presented in the form of a tree, there will be not only benefits and functionality, but also an aesthetic appearance that will amaze all the guests. The tree can be either large or branched, the entire wall, or more modest. For inspiration, you can use not only woody motifs. Looks great in a modern interior: large letters, abstraction, shelves of unusual materials.

2. A quick solution for any room.

Beauty without any problems.

If you do not want to bother with the choice of additional furniture or get dirty in the paint, you can buy a couple of creative stickers. They can be small and decorate only certain interior items, such as sockets, a shelf or a headboard. And can occupy half the wall. Style and color can be chosen at your discretion: the market offers a lot of options.

3. Original decoration

Plates will be useful not only in the kitchen.

All have long learned to decorate the walls with a selection of photos in different size frames, which together make up a semblance of a panel. But the composition of the plates on the wall - it is unusual and beautiful. You can arrange them in any order, decorating one part of the wall or highlighting individual zones. Drawing, colors - weight options.

4. Heart

Love is in the details. / Photo:

To a lot of photos do not gather dust on the shelf, they are better to beautifully put on display. The perfect shape for this task is the heart. It is in this view that it is better to collect memorable moments with loved ones and close people.

5. Bright paintings on the wall

Original, stylish and creates a good mood. / Photo:

Why hang banal paintings on the wall if you can do something similar? A beautiful picture of LED garland kills two birds with one stone: it gives additional lighting and adds creativity. Moreover, this design is important not only for the New Year. Complex paintings in the form of buildings, animals or a large flower will become a real decoration at any time of the year.

6. Creative hours

Look great in any room. / Photo:

Long forgotten in the closet dominoes can find a second life. It will look great in the interior, if you use it to decorate the clock. The scoreboard can be purchased or selected by yourself, for example, made from an old record.

7. Beauty from the remnants of toilet paper

No one would guess that on the wall is cardboard from toilet paper.

The cardboard base from toilet paper should be cut into circles of equal thickness. Then paint in one or more colors that suit the interior of the selected room. For the design fit the usual paint. Six things stuck together with a hot glue gun, so it turns out one flower. Make the right amount and make a composition, now the decor can be hung on the wall.