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9 culinary secrets with which the usual dinner will be like in a restaurant

What are the main signs of flawless food? It should be healthy, tasty and appetizing. And everything else is not very important. Let nutritionists talk about proper nutrition, but cooking secrets that you can see or try will really impress your guests and loved ones.

Often there is one small, but very important detail that completely changes the idea of ​​the dish. It will take a minimum of time and effort for this collection to turn you into a real world-class chef.

1. Designer decoration of dishes

With a beautiful feed can handle any.

A tasty dish can be prepared at home. But what is the usual difference in the range of fine restaurants? Beautiful feed! In the home kitchen, this often lacks time, energy or desire. Although in fact the beautiful design of the dish takes not so many minutes. It is enough to take a large plate, beautifully put cooked food on it, and then decorate with sauce or greens. From mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and other sauces you can create truly beautiful patterns with the help of a regular toothpick or other thin stick. This design method can be applied to desserts, using condensed milk, cinnamon, powdered sugar or coconut chips.

2. Freshness is key

Simple check for freshness.

Many housewives love to cook dishes, so to speak, in a hurry. To do this, they use all the available products from the refrigerator. They usually make excellent and tasty food. However, there is one important point: it is necessary to check the products for freshness. With some, it is very easy, but with boiled eggs there is a certain difficulty. But it is also very easy to solve: we collect a full glass of water and put an egg in it, if it falls to the bottom, it means fresh, if it stays on the surface - it is better to choose another ingredient for salad.

3. Friendly Avocado

Strange, but useful neighborhood.

Avocado is a very healthy fruit, rich in vitamins and microelements. This fruit is a real find for those who follow a proper diet. But just do not eat it a lot. Unfortunately, half an avocado stored in a refrigerator quickly darkens. To avoid this, an unusual neighbor should be sent to her food container — a quarter of the peeled onions. With him, avocados will retain their original appearance for a long time.

4. Super refreshing drinks

Bright drinks with a touch of utility.

Creative frozen sticks will help to make drinks not only chilled, but also beautiful. For their preparation, you need to grind any fruits or berries and evenly spread them into suitable molds. It is desirable that they have an oblong groove. But if there are none, the usual forms for ice cubes will do. Fill the pieces of your favorite fruits and berries with fresh mint leaves, and then fill with water. Sent freeze. Now you can add not banal ice cubes to the glasses with drinks, but colorful and useful decorative decorations.

5. Who doesn't like pizza?

Favorite delicacy of many.

Many adults and children just love pizza. It is high in calories, and therefore quickly satisfies the feeling of hunger, and incredibly tasty thanks to a different set of ingredients, can satisfy any preferences. Of course, home-baked pizza tastes best of all, but the purchase often exceeds all expectations. However, it has one drawback - it cools quickly and hardens, losing its taste. But there is one little secret to return her original freshness. When heating the pizza in the microwave next to it, you need to put a glass with a small amount of water - this will bring it back to life.

6. Fast, but tasty cooking in a pan

The perfect solution for fast and delicious meals.

Frozen blanks are an excellent solution to prepare a tasty and healthy dish, but in a hurry. This applies not only to frozen meatballs and dumplings, because you can prepare almost anything in advance. An excellent example of a creative solution is spicy cubes for cooking in a pan. Sprinkle greens should be poured into ice-making molds and filled with olive or sunflower oil. A couple of such frozen cubes are sent to the griddle, where they become a worthy base for any lightning or side dish.

7. Life hacking for baking

A minimum of effort, but an impressive result.

If you need to make two of the finished cake to add between them a cream or a filling - it's time to show imagination. Exactly in the middle of the extreme part of the cake, we put toothpicks along its entire length to make it look like a sun. Then under them we carry out a fishing line or a strong thread - the cake is cut perfectly evenly.

8. Making hot drinks

Any patterns and any inscription are now available to everyone.

Making hot drinks original and beautiful is also quite simple. For this you need to prepare a stencil with dimensions suitable for a circle. It can cut flowers, beautiful curlicues, emoticons, simple phrases or figurines. If you want to decorate the milk or hot cocoa, use grated chocolate or crumbly dry cocoa. For coffee and hot chocolate, you can use icing sugar.

9. Delicious sweets in 10 minutes

Unusually and quickly.

We offer to try sweets that are prepared quickly and give a charge of cheerfulness and good mood. One mug of coffee is poured into a capacious container and put on fire. To it add three tablespoons of gelatin and carefully stir. As soon as the liquid boils, remove from heat, let it cool a little and pour it into beautiful or just square silicone tins. Leave some space above. Sent to freeze for 10 minutes. Heat on the fire one cup of water with three tablespoons of gelatin and half a cup of condensed milk. Fill the second layer of candy and freeze again. Unusual dessert is ready!