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9 available things needed in the household, which will significantly reduce costs in a month

There are many ways and means that will significantly reduce the expense of family capital. It is very important that all such things actually cost a penny and are available to everyone.

And this is a great reason to acquire them in the economy. It is enough to start using at least one thing from this list in order to notice a positive result in a month.

1. Aerator

Must be on every tap.

Many simply do not know that, in fact, an aerator on a tap for water reduces its consumption by almost two times due to spraying. It also serves to further purify water from sand and salt. It is also important that the aerator reduces the actual flow rate without losing pressure. That is why it is not recommended to take it off the tap. It is worth less than 200 rubles.

2. Vacuum packer

Extend shelf life.

A real find for any hostess. Such a machine costs about 2 thousand rubles, while the benefits of it on the farm are really great - it will significantly extend the shelf life of many quickly perishable products. All you need to do beforehand is to cut the sausage, cheese or other products into pieces that the packer can process.

3. Batteries

Much better than batteries.

Some people mistakenly believe that buying a battery is a waste of money. In fact, it is not. The cheapest samples on the market cost about 500 rubles. In this case, the batteries can be recharged, unlike conventional batteries. Just think how often and many batteries at home have to be changed.

4. Bezmen

To verify purchases in the market.

The culture of the markets in domestic spaces is still very high. Unfortunately, not all traders for them are conscientious people, some are not averse to deceive a gullible buyer. This is a great reason to get such a thing and weigh in order to check every purchase.

5. LED lamps

It should be put in all rooms.

Of course, relatively cheap LED lamps can be called relatively cheap only in the long term. The most modest lamp will cost 100 rubles. However, such bulbs consume several times less energy, and most importantly, they have a much greater work resource - about 25 thousand hours.

6. Nylon bag

A useful little thing that will get rid of the package.

A simple but very useful thing in the household, which saves a person from having to buy plastic bags every day. Of course, the package costs quite a bit, but consider yourself how much you buy them in a month. And in a year?

7. Lamps with motion sensor

Help save light.

Electricity consumption is the first thing to optimize in a house. It will help to save and here is a light bulb that will respond to the presence of a person in the room: turn on the light when someone enters, and turn off when there is clearly no one else in the room. Such a lamp costs from 100 rubles.

8. Solar lamp

The excellent decision for giving or a country house.

Summer residents are aware of the importance of lighting on their site. However, a large number of fixtures will significantly increase the power consumption. Solve the problem can be just such lighting devices with a solar panel for charging. The cost of one starts from 300 rubles.

9. Smart sockets

Will help in managing power consumption.

Another incredibly useful feature that will optimize the consumption of electricity in the house. Some sockets need to be installed, others are simply inserted over the existing ones. Most importantly, such an outlet allows you to control devices connected to it remotely.