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Birdcages in the interior: 20 stunning and creative ideas

If you ask yourself when the birdcage looks especially beautiful and attractive, most will say that when it does not restrict the freedom of the bird. In this case, the bird is free and happy and the cage is empty, with which you have to do something.

We offer several ideas on how to creatively apply the bird cage or its imitation in the interior and decor, which will be not only attractive, but also fashionable.

Monochrome cell by the fireplace

Birdcages in a rustic bedroom

Birdcage on a white background

Birdcage in golden tones

Thanks to its unique form and various materials, the birdcage is suitable for any interior and can even become a stylish highlight. It is used as a decoration in a variety of well-known styles, including Mediterranean, Moroccan and Tunisian. In addition, modern designers do not refuse to use this element, creating modern stylish interiors using different technologies.

Bird cages on the walls

Bedroom for girls with birdcage in the corner

Wallpapers - the easiest way to introduce bird cages into the interior

Birdcages as wall decorations

Birdcages in the living room interior

If someone is going to decorate his interior with a birdcage, this does not mean that he will have to go to the nearest flea market in search of a vintage cage. You can simply limit the use of wallpaper with a special print or wall drawings depicting a bird cage. In this case, the possibilities are endless, which will give modernity to the interior. On the wallpaper, besides the cells themselves, of course, multi-colored birds are drawn or other elements of nature, which allows them to be used for the decoration of a children's room or even a living room. Various wall elements that mimic birdcages are in trend today.

Birdcages are stylish

Wallpapers in the bathroom

Empty cage on the porch

Birdcage on the glassed terrace

Vintage cages and their modern copies perfectly complement the interior of any room and give charm, be it traditional or bohemian. It is necessary to hang a cage in one of the corners of the room, and you can see how beneficial the interior will change. The veranda and other open parts of the house are also a great place for the bird cage. In combination with greenery or art objects, the central element of the interior is obtained.

Color and contrast

Birdcage in the dining room interior

Bright cell in the interior of the bedroom for the girl

Birdcage in the interior of the hallway

Birdcage on the glassed terrace

An important advantage of decorative bird cages is not only the shape, but also the color and the material from which they are made. Placing such a cell in your interior, you can bring a fresh touch, reviving the traditional decor, made of stone, glass and wood, an unusual color scheme or a new texture. For example, multi-colored cells or cells with gold-plated elements in the center on the dining table or on the window in the bathroom will become a unique accent in the interior.

Original lighting

Home-made chandeliers

Original reading corner lighting

Stunning chandelier

Birdcage with a candle by the bed

It is very easy to work with bird cages in the decor, since they can perform various functions - from the element of the festive composition and the flowerpot to the subject of an expensive collection. The cell can be perfectly transformed into a lighting element, for example, a suspended ceiling for a chandelier. Some supporters of the Victorian style use candles that are placed in the cells.