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Kitchen renovation in Khrushchev: 5 successful style solutions

The smaller the space, the more difficult it is to organize.

In this regard, the kitchen in Khrushchev - a quest that few people can. We chose the most successful solutions to the problem - heels of applicable styles.

Scandinavian notes and minimalism

Belenko, clean, simple, natural and practical. And never go out of style.

Minimalism is ideal for those who prepare only when absolutely necessary. Minimalism in the headset allows you to enter even a dining table in short squares. Refrigerator most designers suggest in Khrushchev make either a small built-in, or - put it outside the kitchen.

Note of Provence and Country

Proper Provence requires the right size kitchens. But if you really want - you can try it.

Modern style, again minimalism and high-tech

Both modern and high-tech styles are preferred by men and those who are not afraid that in three years the kitchen will look irrelevant and unfashionable. But both options for Khrushchev have limitations. Both will still be minimalistic.

A bit of classics

Alas, the classic style and Khrushchev incompatible. Classic requires at least high ceilings. But its elements with reference to Provence and Scandinavian style can look organic with a certain imagination. Alas, if you choose a classic headset, you can hardly fit the dining table.