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How to keep a mess in check: 10 tips

Renowned interior blogger Erin Hiemstra shared her experience on how she manages to maintain order in the house.

We found her advice effective and interesting, so we are happy to translate the article for you.

First, I want to confess: I am far from being the most careful person in the world. For a while I was like this: in childhood, each of my things had its own place. Up to mini-figurines of horses, slender next to standing on my desk! However, somewhere in the middle of my teenage years, something went wrong, and since then I have tried my best to stay on top of the mess. Now I’m a mom (why is it still feeling so strange? My child is almost two already!), And the thought came to me that I needed to pull myself together again. It’s not very pleasant to be aware that your house looks like a teenager’s housing, although none of them are even nearby. So I slowly but surely began to form my “neat goals”. Just saying, "I want to be careful and organized," is not enough, it leaves too many opportunities to dodge. Therefore, I make to-do lists for each room in the house. If I bring these things to a habit, then by the time my baby goes to school, I just have a chance to become an exemplary hostess. Cross your fingers.

So, 10 habits that help Erin keep the house in a "civilized" way:

1. In the kitchen

Want a secret, how to keep the kitchen clean? Never let her get dirty! Think of your kitchen as a chic restaurant: it starts the work day in perfect shape and finishes it the same way. Thus, you will never feel morally and physically exhausted with just one look at this crazy mess.

To achieve this goal will help the following steps:

  • Wipe up spills and stains as soon as you find them. The most important thing in the zone of the stove and oven, if you do not want the stain to clot.
  • Wash pans, pots, knives in parallel with how you cook. As soon as the dishes are empty, immediately put it in the sink and pour water with soap suds, so that later it was enough to rinse.
  • Fill the dishwasher immediately and immediately unload it after the washing cycle. Force yourself to spend two or three minutes after lunch or dinner - yes, at the very moment when you so much want to get on the sofa - to clean the dishes and items left after cooking and wipe the countertop, then cleanliness will always meet you in the kitchen.

2. In the bathroom

Cleaning in the bathroom is probably my least favorite thing in the world. Does someone love him at all? I can not imagine this. However, thanks to a few quick points from my todo list, I can avoid the exhausting long cleaning.

  • Wipe the countertop and sink with a tap daily. Let it be in the morning, right after you wash your face, or before you go to sleep. Just quickly walk the towel! Sometimes it will be enough just to get them wet from the water, but if somewhere there are traces of toothpaste or other means, it is better to rub them with a sponge with a cleansing compound.
  • Make your toilet cleaned regularly. If you are like me, you get to cleaning the toilet when things are already very bad there. However, it is only 60 seconds of time - to pour a little money into the toilet and walk with a brush (or even the tool will do it itself). And it is certainly not difficult to do this at least once a week, never to ever approach the point of maximum pollution.
  • Full cleaning weekly. It includes washing mirrors, floors, baths / shower walls. This will help you to win in the battle against the soap stains and the film layer from the deodorants and hair sprays deposited on the surfaces.

3. In the bedroom

Forget about your own bedroom - a tempting idea. Especially if you, like me, just fill up there at about ten in the evening every day and instantly fall asleep. But if your bedroom was better organized, always clean and attractive, would you like to spend more time there? Think about it. Here are some steps to help you maintain a good atmosphere in the bedroom:

  • Keep dust at bay. Allergens - a big problem for the bedroom. Therefore, dust should be wiped at least once a week, and preferably once every three days. Get yourself a good rag and dust brush to make it easier to clean the sills in the corners and on the patterned pieces of furniture.
  • Fresh bed will add you happiness. Changing the bed linen once a week is the best thing to pamper yourself. I love white bedding most of all, it can be washed with a special whitening powder and thus kept clean even with a small child and pets in the house.
  • Kill the germs. Maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the bedroom is important, so it does not hurt to periodically wipe the door handles and switches with disinfectant.