Useful ideas

Arrange the space in a small apartment comfortably and inexpensively.

The classic wrote that the housing problem ruined the Muscovites. But the lack of space depressing affects the inhabitants of all cities. Unfortunately, the financial situation of many families does not allow them to purchase the housing they dream of.

In this case, design comes to the rescue. Pay attention to some tricks in the design of the apartment, allowing you to free meters and conveniently arrange things for storage. Some will be the highlight of your home.

Folding tables, fastened to the wall

Something like this has been practiced for a long time in a compartment of cars, implying a saving of space. Why not apply this simple technique at home? When folded, the design is a nice shelf for small things.

Use the space behind the fridge

Technical regulations recommend not to put the refrigerator close to the wall. In addition, the kitchen may be a wide plinth, which forms a gap. You can use this place to store food, spices or even vegetables. For storage bags are perfect for washing, they provide the necessary air circulation.

You can use the surface of the door, for this you need a set of containers on magnets. An excellent solution to the problem of storing spices!

Engage the space under the sink

Because of sewer pipes, most often the whole cabinet in the kitchen is allocated exclusively under the trash can. Take an extraordinary approach and engage every free centimeter. Can be mounted on the wall of the rod for packages, or place household chemicals here.

Do not overlook the side surfaces

If the space of the room does not imply a full shelf, use a special organizer. It can be purchased at the store or even sew yourself from the fabric you like. Such a device will allow you to put almost anything in the right place.

Another option is to use the ends of furniture for storage - equipping them with special brackets. Hang the kitchenware so that it does not catch the eye, freeing the surface of the apron over the work area.

Use the top tier

Kitchen drawers are designed to fit even the tallest saucepan. But it is necessary to store in them and less overall dishes. To the space under the "ceiling" did not disappear in vain, equip it with special hooks on which you can hang mugs.

Notice the corners

Shelves, which will be located here, most likely will not become an obstacle to movement in the apartment. And you can fit on them a lot of necessary things. Such shelves can be built from boards or even boxes for storage of office papers.