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10 ideas on how to change the appearance of the bathroom, putting a minimum of effort and spending less than 100 "green"

Perhaps, it happened with everybody - you don’t want to do a major overhaul in the bathroom, but something needs to be changed.

In this review, 10 almost brilliant ideas with photos, as if for mere pennies and putting a minimum of effort to change the appearance of the bathroom for the better.

We look.

1. New shelving

Install a new shelving unit.

Cost: from $ 20 to $ 100

New shelves will add to the atmosphere of the new decor, as well as provide more storage space. You can install ready-made racks purchased in the store, or create your own shelves of restored wood, which today is a popular trend in interior design. In addition, do not need to adhere to the traditional style of shelving. For example, popular alternatives are racks in the form of stairs or in the form of "cubes" made from old boxes.


Browse the catalogs, and better consult a designer.

2. Joints between tiles

Clean all joints between tiles.

Cost: from $ 10 to $ 40

Cleaning and grinding cement between tiles may seem like an exercise that no one would even notice, but it is of utmost importance to the overall appearance of the bathroom. A perfectly smooth cement mortar between the tiles (it doesn’t matter around the sink, on the walls of the shower or on the floor) will give the bathroom an instant sense of novelty. In most cases, using a mixture of warm water, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and laundry soap can remove most stains.


If the dirt does not give way, you can buy a specialized cleaner in the store.

3. shower curtain

Renew shower curtain.

Cost: from $ 3 to $ 50

The shower curtain should be part of the bathroom decor. If you choose a boldly colored or patterned shower curtain, this will add individuality to the room and may even improve the perception of other parts of the decor.


Do not pursue delights, remember about the functional.

4. Wall decorations

A little personal in the decor.

Cost: from $ 2 to $ 25

Funny family photos in the frames on the wall of the bathroom create its complete appearance. Also perfect are travel photos, postcards or other fun items.


The main thing is to make sure that the photos are hanging away from the water and the place where they can be accidentally knocked off the wall.

5. Shelving- "cubes"

Add shelving- "cubes".

Cost: from $ 10 to $ 100

All bathrooms have some extra space that can be used. Shelving- "cubes" are ideal for storing towels, clothes, hair dryers and hair curlers. Such lockers are wicker and metal.


Shelving- "cubes" allow you to play with the light.

6. Accessories

Update fittings.

Cost: from $ 3 to $ 100

Replacing outdated or worn hardware on cabinets and bathroom cabinets can provide amazing results. If someone likes the design of pens, then they can simply be repainted. The new color will change the look of all the furniture and potentially inspire other updates.


It is worth making sure that the new fittings match the rest of the bathroom. Also, to perfectly match the overall design concept, you can install a new sink and faucet.

7. Shower head

Install a new shower head.

Cost: from $ 5 to $ 100

Replacing a rusty, calcium-contaminated shower head can improve the appearance, efficiency and comfort of the bathroom, and especially the shower itself. Removable shower heads are available in various sizes and designs.


Do not save on quality.

8. New mirror

Hang a new mirror.

Cost: from $ 15 to $ 100

It is worth thinking about adding a new mirror, if the old is easy to replace. If you choose an unusual model, the new thing can become the center of the bathroom, on which attention will be focused. It will also help to tie together the style of any changes in the bathroom, such as new cabinets or shower curtains. If the existing mirror is difficult to remove, you should consider installing a small hanging mirror on the adjacent wall. This will add more depth to the room and become a beautiful decor.


Replacing the frame of an existing mirror is also a popular way to redesign it. After all, you can choose from various designs of frames, from modern to traditional, just make sure that the new frame will match the existing design of the bathroom.

9. Small parts

Use small parts.

Cost: from $ 1 to $ 100

Adding small parts such as new mats, toothpaste holders, soap dispensers and bright storage containers are available in ways that can significantly affect the appearance of the bathroom.


Do not forget about the uniform style of the bathroom.

10. Plants

Add plants.

Cost: from $ 5 to $ 100

Plants - real or artificial - give the natural beauty of any room. Succulents are especially popular due to the fact that they need little care. If the bathroom has a lot of free space, you can install larger plants in pots or even small trees.


Do not overdo it.


Every detail is important.