Useful ideas

15 storage systems in the kitchen, with which every thing has its place

Sometimes the kitchen does not have as much space as we would like, and it seems that there is not enough space for the realization of design ideas.

But in fact, sometimes it is enough just to throw away all the excess and optimize the kitchen space, properly arranging the furniture or optimizing storage systems.

About these and other kitchen secrets in this review.

1. Multi-Level Cutlery Box

Multi-level drawer for cutlery.

Everyone in the kitchen has a drawer for cutlery, which usually doesn’t fit openers, corkscrews, etc. In fact, the space in these drawers can easily be increased by installing multi-level dividers for a “two-story” storage system. So it turns out to group similar devices together and eliminate the mess. At the same time there will be more storage space without affecting the exterior design of the kitchen.

2. Vertical dividers

Vertical dividers for the kitchen.

You can organize all your baking trays, cutting boards and other flat cooking tools by storing them vertically between special dividers. This method easily reduces the likelihood of scratches and allows you to see your inventory better.

3. Food storage jars

Food storage jars.

Creativity in the kitchen means not only unusual ways of cooking, but also a “flight of fancy” in terms of home-made trivia. With the help of multi-layered paints and stencils, any person can make cute stickers for ordinary cans for storing products, on which the contents of these cans will be written. They can be stored on the top shelves of cupboards near baking tools or on a worktop next to a coffee maker for easy access.

4. Glass bowls

Glass bowls for cooking and other needs.

Glass bowls are a versatile and multi-tasking tool in the kitchen, as they save such important storage space. They can be used both for cooking and for serving ready meals.

5. Pots and pans

Proper shuflyad for storing pots and pans.

Using the corner space near kitchen cabinets with the use of sliding systems is functional and saves time (as well as effort). Why not use such easily customizable pieces that will save quite a lot of space.

6. Corner wardrobes

Use space that is not useful.

Another creative way to use the corner space in kitchen furniture is to make rotating shelves in corner cabinets. With the help of a slight movement of the hand, you can easily get to the desired container.

7. SuperCabinet

Very useful closet.

In kitchens that do not have pantries, non-perishable foods can occupy valuable space in cabinets. Instead of just to pile boxes and jars on top of each other, you can install a similar multifunctional cabinet. This device simultaneously works as multi-level racks and sliding shelves.

8. Folding tray

Convenient storage space.

Sponges, scrubbing brushes and dish soap can be stored in a similar convenient reclining tray. Located under the sink, it uses a space that is usually ignored. This tray is stain resistant and made of moisture resistant plastic.

9. Sink Base SuperCabinet

Properly organized space under the sink.

The space under the sink will not be so creepy, if properly organize it. Such a sliding device with a special tray on which all sponges, cleaning products and rags will fit.

10. The organization of the box for small items

For perfect order in the kitchen.

Everyone has a box in which they throw all sorts of small things like scissors, paper clips, scotch tapes, etc. If you divide it into separate sections, you can make storage of such things much more orderly and you will not have to look for them for a long time.

11. Pantry

Storeroom in the kitchen - an ideal place to store.

In small kitchens, there are usually no storage rooms, and instead of using the extra space in kitchen cabinets to store food, you can make a creative vertical retractable rack. Such a thing is suitable even for the narrowest spaces between ordinary kitchen cabinets or cabinets.

12. Food Storage Containers

Food Containers.

Usually, few people think about what it stores flour, pasta, etc. For this it is worth using glass containers with airtight lids.

13. Cabinet for broom and mop

Cabinet for broom and mop.

Brooms and mops obviously do not fit even the most visually attractive kitchen design. Therefore, it is worth keeping them in a separate closed kitchen cabinet along with cleaning solutions and shovels.

14. Wall Manager System

To remember all the affairs.

You can create a real home organizer that will remind you of all upcoming events. The Wall Manager uses two parallel horizontal rods attached to the wall. They are worn with organizational accessories, such as a chalkboard for notes and stickers, as well as a half-file folder for papers. It can be used as a focal point at home to keep track of your to-do lists, sort outgoing and incoming mail and keep important documents at hand.

15. Stand "waterfall" for spices

To spice whites in order.

With such a clever spice rack, you will never again have to fumble around the backs of a wall-mounted cabinet to find pepper or cinnamon. The rack is installed in any type of kitchen cabinet.