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25 budget home office living room options

Today, in almost every apartment there is a need to create a so-called home office. And since apartments, as a rule, of a small area, or even a studio at all, we have to combine various zones.

In this review, a few tips on how to make a home office in the living room, which will not spoil the interior of the room and at the same time be stylish and comfortable.

Behind the sofa

The space behind the sofa is usually underestimated and not used, but it is ideal for a home office. In this place you can set the table of the model you like. It can be combined with the overall design of the room, or vice versa - to contrast with it. The last option is a great idea to visually divide zones in the living room. However, if you want a calmer and more unified interior, you should integrate the table into the surrounding space and find suitable chairs.

1. Office with fireplace view

Workplace that guarantees inspiration.

Quite old, but elegant living room with a small table behind the sofa, which perfectly matches the design of the room.

2. Office in white

For real interior gourmets.

A smooth white table and a spacious armchair behind the sofa, matching the interior, make the room even more refined.

3. Glass table

The glass table will be a highlight of the interior.

This corner for the home office uses the closed space behind the sofa, which is usually ignored. The glass table gives the room a feeling of lightness and spaciousness.

4. Classic is always in the price.

Classic table is always appropriate.

You should not use the console tables, if it is possible to install a full-fledged "real" table and use it for work at any convenient time. Moreover, this area is perfectly combined with the room.

5. Vintage home office furniture

Vintage furniture for home office.

Living room can add sophistication by setting vintage table and chairs that fit the design of the room, but their color is different from the rest of the interior.

6. Full office behind the sofa

A full-fledged office behind the sofa is a real idea.

A whole home office with a large table behind the sofa occupies a large part of the room. In fact, it is a self-contained space in the living room.

7. Colors are an important component.

White top, dark bottom.

White smooth table with dark legs, as well as chairs and stool in identical colors. They will be perfect for a living room inspired by the ocean.

8. Compact sufficiency

When there is enough space for everything.

White table does not attract much attention behind the sofa. However, it is large enough to be used for a home office.

9. Zoning light

Light in the interior as an element of zoning.

The antique wooden table and soft armchair visually blend into the living room interior. Therefore it is necessary to separate the work area with color.

10. Office in a small corner

Cozy corner.

A colorful modern space with a small narrow table behind a couch and a matching chair.

11. Nothing is impossible

Workplace for two.

Modern space with a console table behind the sofa. The size of such a table is enough even for two people.

12. Vintage in modern interior

Vintage furniture is a special theme.

Cozy modern and natural living room with vintage wooden table behind the sofa.

13. The main thing - to withstand the style

The stylists' councils never interfere.

Narrow wooden table located behind the sofa. The chair and the lamp were chosen to match the overall decor.

14. Zoning color

Contrasting furniture as an element of zoning.

Antique black table and chair differ in style from the general "rustic" decor. This allows you to visually separate zones.

15. Country style

Rustic style for the most modern home office.

Vintage perfectly with the "rustic" living room. In this case, a magnificent wooden table and a chair suitable for it, mounted behind the sofa, were selected.

16. A bit of old times for a modern office

The old look quite appropriate.

An old rustic table with modern chairs, located behind the sofa, corresponds to a common interior space. At the same time, it was possible to ensure that the working area stands out thanks to the design of the chairs.

17. In modern style

Cozy and functional.

A comfortable modern desk of the mid-20th century and an acrylic chair are perfect for a modern living room.

And not only behind the sofa ...

Another good idea would be to place the table by the window or in the corner outside the window: this way you can achieve the maximum amount of natural light. You can place an "office corner" near the wall, using shelves with hidden fastening and a desk, but in this case you also need to provide enough light.

18. Office with a gorgeous view from the window

Office for the most creative ideas.

Chic home office corner by the window, decorated with leather armchair and bold decoration.

19. Office as a room decor

When the main thing in the details.

Home office, occupying the corner behind the sofa. It is perfect for room decor.

20. For creative people

Plunging into your favorite books.

"Bohemian" home office in the corner near the window. Here shelves with hidden fastening were applied.

21. Office in the corner

Angle can be a smart option for placing the workplace.

Home office in the corner by the window perfectly matches the design of the room interior.

22. Console tables

Longer than long.

A long white writing desk in the corner by the window. In this case, you can also use the console tables.

23. Natural light

Option effective use of space.

Tiny corner for home office by the window behind the sofa. This ensures maximum natural light for work.

24. When the main thing - shelves

Shelves as part of the home office.

A small but comfortable modern home office corner with shelves and a desk in the corner of the room.

25. Classic home office option

Classics of the genre.

Exquisite living room with a corner for a home office behind a sofa and a design bookcase with a bookshelf in the corner.