Useful ideas

20 sensible ideas that will help find additional storage space

Rarely, when the hostess can hear that all her belongings fit in cabinets and dressers. As a rule, no matter how many places, it is always small.

We need to look for an opportunity to arrange everything rationally and "on the shelves."

These 20 functional ideas for storing things will definitely come in handy for those who really want to optimize space.

1. Organizer out door for tiny wardrobe

An elegant solution to the problem of storing things that will help save space in a small wardrobe.

2. Modular system

The modular wardrobe system makes it easy to find the right thing and is the best option for optimizing space.

3. Wardrobe in the back room

The utility room can easily be turned into a modern and functional wardrobe.

4. Open wardrobe system

Lightweight construction that is perfect for both small and large premises.

5. LED lighting for wardrobe

This lighting option easily and evenly highlights the dark corners of the wardrobe.

6. Hinged storage system

Modern wardrobe systems allow not only to save precious space, but also to enter the wardrobe into the interior of the room.

7. Rack for dressing room

Ergonomic rack for a dressing room - a budget and practical storage system for shoes and things.

8. Open metal construction

The metal construction fits easily into almost any interior, is convenient in assembly and does not take up a lot of free space.

9. Metal frame construction

The classic frame design that will help productively use the surface of the wall.

10. Metal containers

Mesh metal containers will be an excellent internal addition to the dressing room.

11. Useful accessories for wardrobe

Modern components have become almost an integral attribute in any wardrobe.

12. Dressing room

If you have extra space, you can easily build a separate storage space in it.

13. Stationary wardrobe system

Modern multi-level dressing systems allow you to place a sufficiently large amount of clothing, shoes and fashion accessories.

14. Dressing room

Functional, practical and stylish dressing room.

15. Simplicity and functionality - the main features of a modern dressing room.

A functional system for storing a large number of shoes, accessories and things in a well-equipped place.

16. Simple and affordable solution to create a dressing room.

The modern wardrobe system in the bedroom is able to completely replace the classic wall shelves and small cabinets.

17. Spacious design

Modern open wardrobe system, which is beginning to gain popularity.

18. Built-in ironing board

Modular system with an ironing board in the wardrobe room.

19. Plastic containers for clothes

Ordinary plastic containers for storing clothes are functionality, order and comfort for every day.

20. Careful placement and storage of shoes

The best option for accurate placement and storage of shoes.