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What color to choose for the kitchen: 9 stylish options and 25 spectacular examples

What color can cause appetite or suppress it?

Is it possible to change the visual boundaries of the room with the help of color?

What you need to know when choosing a particular shade for your kitchen? Answers - in our review!

Sterile white

White kitchen

White is one of the traditional colors used in the kitchen. It works on the visual expansion of space and is great for small spaces. Sterile white can create a cold atmosphere in the interior, but if it is diluted with several accessories, even if they are not bright colors, the space will play differently.

One has only to add white kitchen accessories other shades

White is relevant for kitchens in the modern and Scandinavian style. Choosing this color it is necessary to be aware that such a kitchen should be contained in absolute order. After all, the slightest pollution will immediately be evident.

White looks stylish in the interior of the kitchen

Mysterious black

Black in the interior of the kitchen

The antipode of white is black. It looks solid and, when used correctly, is capable of giving depth to space. To avoid a dark and dramatic effect, the kitchen should be equipped with additional lighting, since black absorbs light. The sconces, built-in lamps, chandeliers that gently diffuse light will cope with this task.

In the black kitchen should be a lot of light.

Black goes well with white, yellow and red. You can complement the dark-colored kitchen with glass, glossy and chrome-plated surfaces. It will be appropriate in classic, modern and industrial interiors, as well as in the art deco and high-tech styles.

Loft-style kitchen

Universal gray

Gray looks no less presentable than black. Especially if you use several shades in combination. In small kitchens it is desirable to use silver gray. Deep color looks interesting in kitchens that are not limited to square meters. Although it can be used in fragments and in small spaces.

Gray in the interior of the kitchen

Elegant gray kitchen

Actually use gray in high-tech style. He is also not bad in classic styles. So that it does not seem too boring or cold, it is advisable to supplement it with natural stone, wood or diffused warm lighting.

Gray blends well with light wood.

Coffee mood

Brown will make the kitchen cozy. It acts on the psyche soothingly, associated with heat, cinnamon, wood, chocolate. Coffee color goes well with mint, copper, turquoise, orange, yellow and golden hues.

Brown in the interior of the kitchen

In the spacious kitchens will be appropriate saturated colors - dark chocolate, strong coffee. But in small kitchens it is better to use the color of cappuccino, coffee with milk, caramel and shades of beige. In addition, in the brown interior, as in the black one, it is necessary to think out different lighting scenarios.

Brown kitchen

Brown is good for traditional kitchens, and is also often found in modern lofts.

Brown goes well with copper

Sea freshness: blue, blue, turquoise

Dark shades of blue make the atmosphere noble and elegant. Especially if they are combined with woody brown or white. The only blue appetite suppresses, so it is good for those interiors where there is a separate dining room.

Deep blue in the interior of the kitchen

Sky blue is refreshing space. It can be used as a background or fragmentary. This color does not crush, does not act too cheerful, but is a rather harmonious shade.

Sky blue in the interior of the kitchen

Fresh kitchen interior

The same can not be said about the active turquoise or saturated azure. They are quite active and it is advisable to combine them with white, gray or brown. These colors set an optimistic attitude in space, make it alive.

Turquoise in the kitchen

Green meadow: yellow, green, green

Active colors that are ideal for the kitchen are yellow, green and its shades. They increase appetite, invigorate and make the process of cooking more enjoyable. They are especially relevant to kitchens, whose windows face the north side.

Bright green color in the kitchen interior

These colors are often used in the form of accents - in the decor, on the kitchen apron, in furniture or on the facades. Light shades of yellow, as well as olive and light green can visually expand the space, give it a perspective.

Light shades of green in the interior of the kitchen

Muffled green makes the kitchen elegant and appropriate in spacious kitchens.

Kitchen deep green

Emotional red

Red kitchen - the trend of the last seasons. It is actual to use on kitchen facades, on lamps and furniture. Looks stylish red brick wall or glossy kitchen apron.

Red kitchen

Red causes appetite and is active on the psyche, so it is recommended to dilute it with other colors, for example, with white. Also, do not use it in the interiors of people who are very emotional and hot-tempered in life. On them, he will act oppressively.
Red looks good in modern kitchens.

Red color in the interior of the kitchen

Pastel shades

Lavender, beige, muted olive and yellow, delicate gray, smoky blue and mint - these shades are universal. They are able to ennoble any space, make it lighter and lighter, softer and more elegant.

Kitchen in pastel shades

These colors are perfectly combined with gray and white, and can also be diluted interspersed with green, yellow, orange, turquoise. Particularly good pastel shades in classic kitchens, as well as in the styles of Provence or eclecticism. Often used in modern Scandinavian interiors.

Pastel shades in the interior of the kitchen

Deep shades: purple, burgundy, plum

Specific deep shades are not so often used in the interior of the kitchen, like everyone else. Most often, they are used not as a background, but as auxiliary ones, in order to make the space more interesting.

This year is particularly relevant color Marsala. It is distinguished by its velvet depth, and is capable of giving the space a solemnity. It is best used in the decoration or upholstery.

Marsala color in the interior of the kitchen

Plum and purple may come in the color scheme of a kitchen apron. It will also be interesting to look for lamps, fittings or dishes of such shades.
The main rule when working with deep active shades in the interior of the kitchen - they should not be more than 30 percent of the entire space. The remaining 70 percent should be light colors, such as white, gray or beige.

Purple color in the kitchen interior