Useful ideas

3D-panels in the interior, or a bold decision to design rooms

Recently, to make housing as comfortable, cozy and modern as possible, designers recommend paying attention to an alternative solution in the form of various 3D panels that look perfect in any room.

Feel free to choose color, monochromatic, combined, matte, glossy or rough. In any case, any of these options will be the perfect complement and decoration of the interior, giving it a special charm and trendy style.

1. Gypsum panels

With the help of such panels you can create the most complex and fancy images in the interiors.

This wall decoration is designed to become the center of all interior ideas.

Such textured panels claim the ability to change the boundaries of space.

The three-dimensional image creates a unique feeling of infinity and the illusion of living walls.

2. Plastic panels

Such panels differ in ease, moisture resistance, the low price.

The interior design is perfectly complemented by the use of decorative panels made of plastic.

3. MDF panels

Most often in such panels the surface is usually laminated, veneered or painted.

They can be mounted on virtually any surface using mounting angles, plates or special glue.

For the production of decorative panels most often use "live" and breathable materials.

The panels are suitable for decorating not only walls, but also ceilings, furniture and other interior items.

4. Bamboo panels

The raw material used is bamboo fiber, which is distinguished by high environmental friendliness.

Such panels will be an excellent element of the decor of any interior.

5. Aluminum panels

Distinctive features of this type are increased strength and fire resistance, and with the help of perforation technology a three-dimensional pattern is achieved.

Such panels create a condition for additional warming and sound insulation of walls.

6. Glass panels

3D glass panels - non-standard finishing material. Used in exclusive design solutions.

Care of such panels is very simple. Their performance properties are high.

The glass that manufacturers use when creating the panels is industrial. Due to this, when falling from a small height, the panel is not broken.

7. Color solution

Restrained classics suitable for any room.

Dilute the interior with a bright glossy element.

Metallic color is a pleasant solution and an ideal finish.

Noble chocolate color.

All shades of dark.

Purple as an element of decor.